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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump gets Germany to ante up on NATO

Remember how they said Donald Trump was a wild man who would destroy NATO?

They were wrong.

President Trump just made NATO great again.

From Reuters:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald Trump underscored the importance of the NATO alliance and vowed to work more closely together to combat terrorism and militancy, the two leaders said in a joint statement on Saturday.
Paragraph, paragraph, paragraph, paragraph, paragraph, paragraph, paragraph...

Ah, here it is:
Trump has repeatedly criticized NATO members such as Germany that do not spend 2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) on their militaries.
Merkel has said Germany will work to increase its defense spending - now at 1.19 percent of GDP - but also warned that it would take time to achieve the goal.
Trump has also said Merkel made a "catastrophic mistake" by allowing more than a million refugees, mostly Muslims fleeing war in the Middle East, to come to Germany.
After the Soviet Union fell and with it the reason for NATO to exist, Bush 41 decided to keep it. And then Clinton decided double its membership. Now we have a bureaucracized military with no real reason to exist except to defend the EU -- our economic competitor.

Screw that.

Merkel's move shows she is nervous about maintaining power. Trump and Brexit can happen in Deutschland.
For her part, the German leader, who is seeking a fourth term in office, has refrained from being too critical of Trump, although she pointedly offered to work closely with him on the basis of "democracy, freedom, respect for the law and for human dignity, regardless of origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political inclination".
Oh yes, lecture us 90% white, Christian nation on diversity.

Good luck on that election.

From Breitbart London:
Jiří Ovčáček, spokesman for Czech president Miloš Zeman, says that the U.S. is now an ally of the Slavic republic in the fight against mass immigration, contending that President Donald Trump is, unlike “EU elites”, concerned primarily “with the safety of his citizens”.
Ovčáček was defending the swift implementation of an executive order by the U.S. president on ‘Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals’, which temporarily prohibits all asylum seekers from entering the United States and indefinitely prohibits Syrian asylum seekers from entering the United States while a thorough review of the refugee vetting process is undertaken.
“Trump protects his country,” Ovčáček wrote in a tweet, “he’s concerned with the safety of his citizens. Exactly what EU elites do not do”.
We are putting America first again. The rest of the world has been putting its country first all along.


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  1. Czech Republic is a wonderful place to visit, the beer is inexpensive and plentiful. The dollar is strong and the people very pro-American! I recommend the little town of Czeski-Krumlov (Sp?) Three of us had the finest dinner with two bottles of wine and drinks for less than $100 USD.

  2. Long overdue, Ms. Merkel; loooooooooooooooooooooong overdue.

    1. It was only a promise and she had her fingers crossed behind her back. Trump knows Merkel can't keep her promise because Germany is now saddled with the social costs of a huge immigrant population that will put strain on her budgets. Of course the government can raise taxes to do both, but that would mean defeat at the polls for her and she ain't goin' there nohow.

  3. Alls I can say is that I spent a two and half week deployment in '81, able to see East Germany across this big valley, running fighter jet exercises to show the Rooskies what we had. Must have been a gargantuan bill. Time to pay it back, Angela. With interest.

  4. Well, Mutti your little Multi Cultural
    Socialist experiment has just ceased.
    You need less "I'd like to teach the
    world to sing." and more"Panzerlied"
    Get in touch with your inner Bismarck...Or better yet-Roland..

  5. Merkel's word is as good as Obama's. And if she is re-elected (what the hell are the German's thinking), she will go full bore Obama.

    1. Why would she change, if she gets reelected?

  6. I will wait for the actual payment, Merkel is a deceiver.

  7. who cares what germany pays into NATO, it is not our responsibility to protect or be involved with europe in any way. they can take care of themselves, or not.