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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump the Establishment update

The manuscript has been copy-edited and is now being set in type. The cover is being re-worked to sub the Capitol with the White House.

I will post that when I get it because the last time, a reader pointed out that he was elected president, not to Congress.

Publication in print is four to six weeks away. I will have more information as it becomes available.

I told myself I would not write the same book twice and wrote something that went way into outer space.

It was about as funny as grandpa's joke in his original language.

So I threw that away and got down to writing a sequel that rivals the original. I succeeded.

The focus moves from the conservative pundits and onto the Washington big shots and the liberal media bias.

The reason for the bias is explained beyond the pedestrian calls of being in the bubble. While that's true, there is more to it than meets the eye. I follow the money.

In "Trump the Press," I got into who Trump is. This time I go a little deeper into how and why.

The issues also get examined. I never really did that last time.

Chapter 20, "The NAFTA Aftermath," is a great explanation of what really happened as opposed to what the Chamber of Commerce said happened. The chapter on Brexit places that properly in perspective to the Trump rebellion.

I did not end the book on Election Night. What happened in November and December repudiated much of the argument against him in the campaign.

The happy ending is not that he was elected president but that he will be president.

Beginning tomorrow.

We did it!

The Table of Contents should give readers a taste of what to expect in this volume.
  • 1. He Won’t Win
  • 2. Poll-ish Jokes
  • 3. Donald Trump, CEO
  • 4. Hold the de Mayo
  • 5. Crossing the Line
  • 6. Killing Baby Hitler
  • 7. With Charity for None
  • 8. The Veepstakes
  • 9. The Right to Libel
  • 10. Rent-to-Own Hillary
  • 11. One Big Happy Family
  • 12. The Girls on the Bus
  • 13. The $735,802,967 Scam
  • 14. The Real Donald Trump
  • 15. Key Mar-a-Lago
  • 16. PC Conservatism
  • 17. Frenemy Territory
  • 18. Inside the PolitiFactory
  • 19. Rope-a-Dope
  • 20. The NAFTA Aftermath
  • 21. Comfortably Smug
  • 22. Obama Nation
  • 23. Brexit, Stage Right
  • 24. Comey Chameleon
  • 25. Conventional Wisdom
  • 26. Down-Ballot Blues
  • 27. Trump Will Drop Out
  • 28. Sunshine, Lobbyists, and Rainbows
  • 29. Bush League
  • 30. The End of Trump
  • 31. Khan Game
  • 32. The Lion Tamer
  • 33. Wall of Confusion
  • 34. What Do You Have to Lose?
  • 35. Flight 93 Election
  • 36. Hillary Calls in Sick
  • 37. Kenya Dig It?
  • 38. This Little Piggy Went Nuts
  • 39. “Because You Would Be in Jail”
  • 40. Trump TV
  • 41. Donald Dukakis
  • 42. The Comey Back Kid
  • 43. Election Day
  • 44. Election Night
  • 45. Liberal Tears Taste Best
  • 46. November Reign
  • 47. The Acting President
I hit the topics that matter. Historians will look back and ask why the hell the nation's leaders in politics, journalism, and academia got Donald Trump so wrong.

When they do, hand them my book.

Oh and the original too, which leads to the plug in the post: "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.

For an autographed copy, email me at

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  1. I read your blog throughout the campaign, and remember all these things. I think one of the best reasons I am glad you wrote your books is that you are thus permanently documenting the facts, the truth, taking names and quoting them verbatim, so that this series will FOREVER counter any and all attempts to erase history. Internet archives may disappear. Digital copies may get edited. But hard copies, printed on real paper, will last and last. That's documentation!

  2. Those are GREAT chapter titles!

    1. Totally. My mouth is watering already...

  3. Big D, count me in for 10 signed copies. This book is gonna sell like hot cakes. Good. You deserve it. Just don't move to Los Angeles, brother. We need you to keep keeping it real in DubVee!

  4. "It was about as funny as grandpa's joke in his original language."

    So, Donald, was it in Yiddish? My maternal grandfather would tell jokes in Yiddish, which my mother would translate for me, leaving out the naughty words.

  5. I've been called a mouth-breather by those on the Left for some time; now I'm proud to say that I'm actually a mouth-waterer, like zregime above! Just drooling for my copy to arrive!

    OK, so when can I send you some dough, Don?

    So that the instant those books arrive at your place you can slap your signature on one & hustle it out to me immediately! Those chapter headings are making me giddy with desire... or maybe it's the fact that TOMORROW the jerk is out, and President Donald J. Trump takes office!

  6. I'm curious. I remember that you asked for suggestions for the name of your book way back when. I'm not too good at looking back through archives. Was it me that suggested Trump the Establishment?

  7. I am pretty sure it was you. Thanks.

  8. I'm gonna make sure my kids know. Haven't been so proud since I graduated med school.