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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The irony of the vulgar protest on Saturday

Cable TV news indulged in liberal protest porn on Saturday, as a few thousand women protested for abortion (known by the euphemism "women's rights"; if it were about that, they would not have banned pro-life groups).

The irony is abortion likely caused Hillary Clinton to lose the 2008 election or at least the 2016 one.

It's called the Roe Effect, and James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal popularized it. According to Wikipedia, the effect holds that:
  1. Those who favor legal abortion are much more likely to get one than those who oppose it.
  2. Children usually follow their parents' political leanings.
  3. Therefore, pro-choice parents will have more abortions and, hence, fewer children.
  4. Therefore, the pro-choice population gradually shrinks in proportion to the pro-life population.
  5. Therefore, support for legal abortions will decline over time.
Ashley Judd was among those who spoke out about protecting "our daughters."

She has no children. At 48, I doubt she will.

Given that the abortion rate finally is down to pre-Roe levels, strident feminists may be a dying breed, although they may be able to maintain their numbers through adoption.

Of course, to adopt they will have to tell women they have an alternative to abortion.


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  1. Good kill shot, Big D. My oldest child, a son, was conceived out of wedlock. I called my dad and he advised me to convince my future wife to have an abortion. It really shook me. Well, 35 years later, son is now a successful utilities engineer. And how many sporting events have we enjoyed together? IBM's Deep Blue probably couldn't count them all. I can't imagine what life would have been like without him...

    Oh, and happy ending...he and my dad are now best buds. I think at this point, everybody knows abortion is murder. But I choose to tell stories like these to try and convince people what a joy and blessing kids are. Selah.

  2. It is amusing to see the strident support of abortion from the LGBT community.

  3. The interviews with protesters I saw on TV were mostly with older people. Usually an older woman flanked by a solitary younger woman in her forties. A woman with one daughter who is barren. I hope they had very satisfying careers with long lasting legacies. I had a great one and was the first in my area and state to do several procedures. Do you think anybody knows that? My legacy is my family. If you don't have that you have no legacy.

    1. Astute observation. Even the Shakers left something concrete behind. If they had not built pretty furniture, no one would remember them today.

  4. "Strident feminists may be a dying breed..." I have known a few of these critters but none that were married. The sooner they go the way of the dinosaurs the better. - Elric

  5. From The Guardian: "Canadians traveling to Women's March denied US entry...."

    Why, the poor DEARS - denied entry to the US when all they want to do is riot against our duly elected president.

    So sad. The poor babies.

    The story was written by a woman (?) with a muslim name.

    1. a Canuck who religiously visits Mr Surber often, I can only say that foreigners have no business protesting another country's affairs within that country.
      They should be turned away at the border but only after being detained for 18 hours ON the bus. And I would hope the charter line bills the intruders extra for the delay.
      Who do these rubber dollies think they are and where did they get the notion that anyone gives a damn what they think.

      I perused my wife's facebook page this am and it amazes me at the amount of vitriol directed at Donald Trump and his people.
      Mostly it is unfounded and much fear based, all while touting Canada's inclusiveness and moral superiority, while ignoring Canada's deep dependency on US military strength to allow us to be a nation.
      These people are ignorant of fact and that makes them fools.
      Its a good bet Mr Trump is just what's needed at this time in a world gone mad.

    2. When Canada gets the equivalent of the First Amendment of the US Bill of Rights and I can stop sending money to support the legal defense fund of people like Ezra Levant, only then can Canada lecture us about the freedom of individuals. But in the interest of long-standing good will, it would be best if Americans scrupulously butt out of Canada's internal affairs, and Canadians did the same in return.

  6. Don't forget that our gummint schools are socialist indoctrination centers that create a new generation of SJWs and abortion supporters. If not for that abortion would have been abolished years ago.

  7. Abortion is NOT a right! Roe v Wade insanely interpreted the 14th Amendment to torturously extend a right to privacy in our lives to a right to kill an unborn child if you don't want to raise it. While abortion numbers are about half what they once were, it is still pure evil.

    Reliable birth control is readily and easily available in this country. That FACT means those people who cannot abide the thought of delegitimizing slaughter of unborn children are simply so selfish and self-centered they can't be bothered to assume any personal responsibility. IOW they want to have sex any time they want to w/o taking any precautions, and be secure in the knowledge they can snuff out the innocent life they may create.

    Abortion is racist, it breeds a contempt for the sanctity of life, and unlike in the 1950's, women have a multitude of choices to prevent unwanted pregnancies. No society that sanctions the murder of innocents for the sake of convenience is a healthy society.

    What the silly marching bitches are scared of is that conservative judges are often pro-life and not nearly so prone as liberals to make up bullshit and enshrine it in law. They fear Trump's possible SCOTUS appointments, not Trump.