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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The conformity of law professors

From the Washington Post: "More than 1,100 law school professors nationwide oppose Sessions's nomination as attorney general."

Law professors from 170 law schools in 48 states signed this letter.

So what?

Who gave law professors any say in the matter?

Academia is now so steeped in socialist dogma that the opinions of its clerics are worthless.

"We are convinced that Jeff Sessions will not fairly enforce our nation's laws and promote justice and equality in the United States," states the letter, signed by prominent legal scholars including Laurence H. Tribe of Harvard Law School, Geoffrey R. Stone of the University of Chicago Law School, Pamela S. Karlan of Stanford Law School and Erwin Chemerinsky of the University of California, Irvine School of Law.
That statement makes no damned sense at all.


How do they know how he will enforce the law?

Indeed, he will take an oath to do just that!

In fact, he has taken the same oaths before. Is Professor Tribe saying Sessions broke his oath?

No, this is just the academic hyperbole of political activists with six-figure salaries and lifetime job security.

I tire of these charlatans -- be they openly liberal or mere Never Trumpers -- who act like they are on some higher moral plateau when all they are doing is playing politics. 

Your team lost. Get over it.

Or don't.

Really, don't. President Trump's victory is eating their hearts out.


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  1. They'll treat him worse than they treated Ashcroft or Gonzalez. But he's tougher than either of them and has a tougher team behind him. The thing I like best about Trump is that he never seems to be on defense. Just when it looks like he's boxed in he finds an opening and goes back on offense. Just like Patton.

    1. Instapundit this morning had a link to a Fox News commentary by Newt that made that point---Trump is always on offense. Highly recommended reading!

  2. "President Trump's victory is eating their hearts out."

    It's affecting their mental faculties as well, which will make it all the more enjoyable when Sessions' confirmation is bulldozed through the Senate. - Elric

  3. 170 rabid leftists who thought Holder and Lynch did a good job? Ironic that Lynch probably cost them the election.

    Can you pass the popcorn please!

  4. Just another stompy feet from the liberals/*.edu domain. This time the law school.

    "If all the law school professors and emeritus-hangers-on, and adjuncts, and interns, and Elizabeth Warren were to disappear off the face of the planet, __________ [just fill in the blank] ."

  5. Oh, how bitter and sour are the grapes of wrath.
    As Conan said: "Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women."
    We are hearing the lamentations of the women.

    1. This is your best yet,Sam. Fabulous.

  6. "More than 1,100 law school professors nationwide oppose Sessions's nomination as attorney general."

    Sounds like a damn good reason to confirm him to me.

    1. Damn right! Make'em whine like a pinto transmission.

  7. The signatories are "justice deniers" who want the government to have its thumb on the scales of justice. We've suffered through 8 years of a lawless DoJ under Obama. It's time to return to equal justice for all.

  8. So, if 1000, or better yet 100,000 Americans sign saying they don't believe those law school idiots are loyal to America and should all be thrown into Gitmo, that deserves enactment too?

  9. If I remember corectly, Obama tried to install Tribe on the Supreme Court, and the guy from Chicago worked with Obama, who allegedly taught Constitutional law there. That should tell you right there what their problem is.