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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The March for Life (updated)

UPDATE: Life Site News reported Mike Pence will deliver the address. Bummer.


One complaint over the weekend from pro-lifers was the Women's March got more publicity than the often larger annual March For Life events.

President Trump just changed that.

He made sure the media must cover the event, or look like fools. I suspect he gave Fox News an excuse to carry it live.

Trump equals ratings. Ratings equal coverage. Coverage equals power.

That is the benefit of 40 years of branding his name. And folks, if you read the chapter on Liz Smith in "Trump the Press," you would understand how he did it, and the price he paid when the free publicity over the years turn his and Ivana's into the Divorce of the Century.

He's got a thick hide. He never stopped talking to Liz Smith even when she wrote things he really, really did not want to read.

That's how I know his feuds are largely promotional.

Anyway, he is lending his brand to the March For Life.

From Life Site News:
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters today that President Trump will not ignore the upcoming March for Life in Washington.
“I think it’s no secret that the President has campaigned as a pro-life President. It’s something that is very important to him, as evidence by the Mexico City Policy reinstatement he issued yesterday,” Spicer said. 
“Obviously we’re going to have heavy administration presence there,” he added. 
The March for Life takes place every year in the nation’s Capitol where hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children peacefully demonstrate against the 1973 Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the US. The marchers fight for what organizers call a “world where every human life is valued and protected.”
The PC Conservatives at National Review and other Establishment outlets mocked heartland conservatives and evangelical Christians who backed Trump. The view from Washington was Trump was insincere about his pro-life position.

Action speaks louder than words.

Trump brought back the Mexico City Policy. He will back Congress making the Hyde Amendment permanent, will stop paying a half-billion annually to Planned Parenthood, and will sign the 20-week limit on abortions.


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  1. It sounds like a made-to-order venue for a rousing speech/rally by President Trump. Bonus: Rubbing the MSM's noses in it. - Elric

  2. Spot on Don.

    But, they'll also be looking for those crashes just like the coverage of a NASCAR event. Kelly Ann mentioned yesterday that she will be there, so, it just may happen.

  3. Planned Parenthood claims their abortion services are just ancillary to their main function to provide general health services to women (especially pre-natal services). And they use this argument to justify continued funding from the Federal government. But how much of what they claim is true? Well, one organization recently decided to find out and did a telephone survey of 100 PP facilities around the country. And what did they find? They learned that only 5% of the PP clinics they called in fact provided general health care to women. Some of them openly admitted over the phone that the ONLY service they provided was for abortions. What a surprise! It seems to me that DHHS should undertake a full on-the-ground audit of all PP operations across the country to see if they are the general women's healthcare providers they claim to be, and if they are not, if they fail the audit, they should be immediately and permanently banned from receiving Federal money.

  4. No lie, no joke. If Mr. Trump had announced during the campaign that he was an unabashed supporter of abortion, and then Hillary announced she was strongly pro-life...I would have voted for Ms. Clinton. Donald should show up. The evangie vote would be totally locked up at that point.

  5. Just watched Trump's speech at DHS, excellent, must see.

  6. Trump: He KNOWS what he's doing. He's in the saddle with the burr under it, riding hell for leather on the leftists.

  7. This is excellent news. One of the reasons I voted for Trump over Hillary is the prospect of thousands of little babies living full lives rather than being murdered in the womb.

  8. Scott Adams calls him the "Master Persuader." .

    Me? He is that, but I also think that God gave us one last chance to get it right and He gave us Donald John Trump. DJT has Scots & German heritage like a lot of us Appalachian folk & therefore he loves this country & will defend it to his death. True, like a lot of us, he might occasionally be profane & crude but he follows Christ and believes that the USA is uniquely blessed by the Lord.