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Friday, January 06, 2017

President Trump is Reagan's third term

From the Daily Mail:
Now Trump is targeting Toyota: President-elect says auto company must ditch plans to build a plant in Mexico or pay a 'big border tax'
Friends, President Reagan's third term has begun.

Without having to deal with the drunken Tip O'Neill or the slimy Jim Wright as House speakers.

Without having to do press conferences in order to speak to the people directly.

And without having to deal with the Soviet Union.

To be sure, Barack Obama left a bigger mess to clean up than Jimmy Carter did, but President Trump has the wind at his back as he enters the White House. People have seen NAFTA and free trade with China for what they are: Trojan horses,

President Trump's promise to slap a 35 percent tariff on cars made in Mexico stopped Ford from building a factory in Mexico. Instead, Ford decided to retrofit and modernize a plant in Michigan, a $700 million investment that should guarantee those jobs for a generation. That also means suppliers will hang around.

He warned GM on Tuesday, Toyota on Thursday.

However, Speaker Paul Ryan plans to be Trump's Tip O'Neill.

From the Daily Mail:
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that Congress would not be raising taxes on companies that ship jobs over border and sell their products in the United States, however. 
Ryan said congressional Republicans would not rubber stamp the president-elect's trade agenda and raise tariffs, as he's repeatedly promised.
'No, we're not going to be raising tariffs,' Ryan told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. 
The GOP leader, who's clashed with Donald Trump on Russia, taxes, immigration and entitlement reform, said his caucus does not believe higher tariffs are the solution to economic disparities.
'We think tax reform is the better way of addressing imbalances, leveling the playing field without starting trade wars...without having the adverse effects that you get with protectionism or trade wars,' Ryan asserted.
That's a nice thought -- a thought so airy that it might have been published by one of those tax-exempt think tanks. Protectionism was a Republican Party policy from Lincoln to Reagan. We can win a trade war, and have.

Besides, the tariffs may not need congressional approval.

But are Republicans in the House really anxious to burn their president? Do the people in Janesville, Wisconsin -- a town Ryan represents but has only lived in for one of the past 28 years -- really happy with the export of auto jobs? After all, GM shut down its plant there on April 23, 2009.

How much does Wal-Mart pay again?

Reagan used quotas and tariffs to protect America's car industry and Harley-Davidson. That's why foreign car companies started building cars in the United States.

Do not let the globalists hold President Reagan's real policies hostage to revisionist history.

President Trump can rebuild the military, put up a wall, finish tax reform, dump Obamacare, and make free trade work for the American people.


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  1. I eagerly look forward to this.

  2. Apparently Mr. Speaker of the House is in need of an - ahem - "attitude adjustment." - Elric

  3. The Pols STILL do not understand just how effective Trump's Twitters will be. Oppose him and get Twitted.
    Ryan may be in for a big surprise with "his" caucus.

    1. Agreed. One tweet by Trump could prompt a cascade of tweets and emails to Ryan's office from constituents that he cannot ignore. Trump can use Twitter to reach out directly to people in a way that a statement or speech, or press release through a spokesman , or newspaper article cannot. Trump cuts out the middleman, he cuts out the filter. With the flick of the SEND button on his keyboard, he can put public pressure on someone like Ryan that is much more effective---because it is embarrassing---than jawboning in private. It might just work.

  4. Just five percent of Toyota vehicles sold in the U.S. are imported. The proposed plant would not displace any American jobs.

    Surber, I'm sure your Putnam County neighbors, who benefit nicely from the Toyota plant in Buffalo, are just thrilled about Trump's tweet to go after their company that pays a healthy living wage. Yep Trump = Reagan. I remember fondly how Reagan kissed up to Soviet leaders just like Trump does to Putin.

    1. Not that anyone is kissing up to the Kremlin, but if there is, precisely what's the problem you see with that? Are you claiming the Cold War is or should be renewed? If so, why do you object to a RESET (this time interpreted correctly into Russian)?

    2. Trump is not yet President. What has he done to "kiss up to Putin"?
      Your statement about Trump's tweet on Toyota and how "thrilled" the workers must be who have a "living wage" is caustic nonsense. Have you asked any of them?

  5. Free trade is like socialism - they both sound good in theory but suck in actual practice.

  6. Reagan is the reason we got Toyota to build here. Quotas. In fact Reagan is the reason BMW, Mercedes, et cetera built assembly plants in the USA.
    President Trump wants to keep them.
    You say the plant would displace no jobs.
    We need more jobs to replace the 5 million manufacturing jobs we lost (net loss) under Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama.

    1. "Reagan is the reason why we got Toyota to build here ..." Talk about revisionist history.
      So the key to replacing lost manufacturing jobs is to bully the best corporate neighbor Putnam County has ever had?

  7. Reagan is the reason we got Toyota to build cars in the USA. Quotas. In fact Reagan is the reason BMW, Mercedes, et cetera built assembly plants in the USA.

  8. Alex P Keaton was epitome of the Young Reaganite reaction against Carter and tree-huggin' hippie parents.

    It COULD happen again...

  9. Trump's Secretary of Commerce billionaire Wilbur Ross said last week that his goal is to increase exports not restrict imports. I doubt he is planning a trade war which is to be avoided not encouraged. How this will be accomplished is unclear as yet but the bully pulpit is not the whole answer. Many of the car manufacturures went south to avoid unions, something Boeing wanted to do too. It has to be admitted that some jobs were lost because of organized labor issues and the intransigence of their political operatives. Trump will have some work to do there too which may not be popular in mid America.
    Two years ago a young engineer I know was invited to a large party for young talent in Silicone valley. He was the only person at the gathering making a physical object to sell,everyone else was pitching software or some variant. I am old but the future is with the young and making stuff is not where a majority of their best minds are aiming today. I hope Trump can encourage this segment of our society as well as the working man to help the country get great again. Repeating tweet threats to mature industries is not going to do it, but perhaps He knows this .

  10. No jim wright, just slimy paul ryan. Imagine 4 years ago the press told us that romney picked "conservative" paul ryan for his running mate. Trying to sway the election, I presume.
    "Fair trade" the way we practice it is just a means to redistribute American wealth to other countries. Kind of like the way welfare is practiced internally.

  11. "That's why foreign car companies started building cars in the United States."

    Vastly over-simplified, Don. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc. first built in right-to-work states where they didn't have to deal with the union thugs. Plants like Honda in Marysville, OH came a bit later and the UAW made big concessions, not so much in wages, but antiquated work rules, like having to pay a guy sweeping the floor the same as a skilled machinist based on seniority.

    The import duties certainly were a factor, but not the only factor, and possibly not even the largest.

  12. Paul Ryan, John McRINO. and Little Lindsey Graham are all backstabbers. Trump needs to watch out for all three of them.