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Friday, January 13, 2017

Pelosi cannot think of one thing bad about Obamacare

In an interview with the liberal Vox site's Sarah Kliff, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi could not name one thing wrong with Obamacare.

Double-digit and triple-digit increases in premiums?


Sky high deductibles?


Insurers dropping plans?


Lying about keeping your doctor?


Nothing wrong with Obamacare that a little messaging could not cure. ("The fact is that if I had to fault myself, I would say I should not have trusted that other people were going to be the message piece while we were doing policy. We're in the foxhole; we're in the trenches fighting the fight. We need their cover.")

Sarah Kliff: "I have a question that I asked the president that I was really interested in his answers. I was curious to ask you as well. What part of the health care law has overperformed expectations, done better than expected, and what part do you feel has underperformed and really not been as robust as you would have liked?"

Nancy Pelosi: "The three pillars, the three principles that I said that we have to find common ground on on all — lowering cost, increasing access, and improving the package — it has absolutely done beautifully in all three of those areas. The part, I don’t know, the negative part, I can’t think of anything like that.

"The whole thing of the fight on it is something that will give us a chance to have people to take a second look. Take a second look at the Affordable Care Act. Think about what it means to you. Purge yourself of whether you like President Obama or not. They named it Obamacare as a derogatory term. We embrace it as a positive term. In any case, we see this as a chance for them to take a second look at it. This is what it means to you if you have a preexisting condition, if you have a child under 26, 26 and under, if you're a woman, and the rest. Women have so much to lose in this."

I like how men don't matter to Democrats. It's always how it affects women, never about men.

The whole interview is here.


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  1. "It's always how it affects women, never about men."

    I suppose it's because women are the major consumers of healthcare. As providers, men are required to pay for what women consume. Men work and quietly build civilizations; women lie back and brag how STRONG and INDEPENDENT they are. It's like slavery all over again.

    1. There's a school of scientific thought lately that says the "man flu" effect might actually be real.

  2. "Nancy Pelosi: "The three pillars, the three principles that I said that we have to find common ground on on all — lowering cost, increasing access, and improving the package — it has absolutely done beautifully in all three of those areas." She lies so well, because she PRACTICES.

  3. Botox (botulism) is a deadly poison that affects nerve transmissions and an increasing number of studies have shown that it also affects the brain (the biggest nerve center in the body). That being said, Pelosi is a known liar. - Elric

  4. I can think of one benefit: Thanks to ObamaCare she is no longer Speaker of the House.

    -Mikey NTH

  5. Headline: Obamacare Strikes Country! Women And Children of Working Class Husbands Hardest Hit.

  6. I saw where the inauguration will include fireworks. I bet Trump bought Hillary's at a big discount.

  7. Take the Pelosi-Ebola challenge.

    In a blind taste-test, which do you prefer?

  8. The Pelosi-Cow Manure test is even more difficult. I failed to detect the cow manure seven times out of 10.

  9. In other news, Nancy Pelosi had a two thousand dollar breakfast and didn't leave a tip.

  10. Pelosi must be the ultimate ideologue; the only thing real to her seems to be ideology.

    OT: the West Point Cadet who broke for all time the Honor Code of the Ages, was also named Pelosi.

    Just sayin'.

  11. Too many words there Don, you only needed to print "Pelosi cannot think" and your head line was complete. The rest is just minor details.

  12. Nancy's theme song,