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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Number of people who will lose health care upon repeal is zero

The number of people who will immediately lose their medical insurance upon President Trump signing the Obamacare repeal is zero.

The Democratic Party talking points bleated by Fake News agencies such as Buzz Feed and CNN is 100 percent bogus. Let me show you.

(And no, Fake News CNBC and CNN the repeal will not cost 3 million people their jobs. That is a lie repeated by habitual liars in the media. "Study says" no longer is accepted by normal Americans.)

Repealing the Democratic Party's Patient Protection Act and Affordable Care Act of 2010 does not end health insurance for millions of people.

Nothing of the sort.

What the repeal does is end all the mandates in the act.

Employers will continue to offer company-subsidized health insurance.

Those states who took on expanded Medicaid coverage will continue to offer it..

Insurance policies will continue to cover birth control. Repealing the mandate should not change those policies, unless the insurer wants to.

All repealing does is end the various mandates. It does not outlaw coverage or anything else.

The sun will continue to rise in the east.

Now whether that continues next year is up to the marketplace and Congress.

But I seriously doubt employers will cancel plans for 30 million people, as Esquire magazine and others say.

The marketplace will force employers to continue this benefit, given that the labor supply is about to tighten thanks to the end of illegal immigration, substantial investment in the USA after eight years of anti-capitalism in Washington, and the return of outsourced jobs.

The trillion-dollar infrastructure program (at a cost to taxpayers of $137 billion directly, the rest being private investment) also will boost the demand for skilled labor.

Employers will enhance their wage and benefits plans. Look for lower deductibles, but I cannot guarantee that.

States no longer will receive Medicaid expansion money. This means the states will decide whether they want to continue it. I doubt they will, especially since they can blame Congress and President Trump for ending this program.

Now then, Congress can decode what it wants to restore from Obamacare.

I would say not one damned thing.

Get the federal government out of national health insurance. Keep Medicaid, Medicare, VA, Indian health care, and whatever else is independent of Obamacare, but get out of the rest.

But I am a minority of one.

As always.

Just remember the figure that 30 million will lose their health care under the repeal is hysterically wrong.

The number is zero.

Congress repealing Obamacare cancels zero health insurance policies.

But it does allow people who do not want the coverage to drop it.

We call that freedom.


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  1. You can always tell when the Demos start spreading FUD, especially F.

    They have no real argument and most people think they're wrong.

  2. If you want your Obamacare, you can keep your Obamacare. Mr. T says he pities da fools who do.

  3. Losing your health INSURANCE is not the same as losing your access to health CARE. Losing your insurance means you might have to pay for things out of pocket that you did not pay for directly before, or pay for things you might have paid for indirectly but didn't realize or notice was the case.

    Health insurance that's designed to cover the costs of a person's medical/health catastrophe makes sense to me, even for people whose family history suggests major health problems would be rare. Insurance that pays for every minor use of health care makes no sense because paying the middleman introduces an avoidable expense that raises the costs but offers no benefit or savings in the aggregate.

    1. You mean for example a bachelor or gay man who is required to pay for a policy with maternity benefits?

    2. Or a Roman Catholic Little Sister of the Poor required to pay for abortifacient "birth control " coverage when she has taken a vow of chastity.

    3. People should pay the every day stuff themselves and have insurance for the big ticket items. Regular doctor visits should come out of people's pockets, whether it is a check up, a flu shot, or some other minor ailment. Insurance should be for the broken bones, heart attacks and cancer sort of hings. Why pay an insurance company that will then take a cut before paying the doctor?
      That is about as stupid as using a deadbeat card which charges you a fee for purchases under $20 dollars when you could keep some cash in your wallet and save the fee. One guy I knew had a card that charged a $3 fee for every transaction. Some months close to 1/4 of his disability check was just fees.

  4. Democrats lie. Constantly, consistently, and without any shame at all. They lie. It's in their DNA. Their pathetic lying parents, many of whom divorced, taught their pathetic lying kids to lie.

  5. "Get the federal government out of national health insurance. Keep Medicaid, Medicare, VA, Indian health care, and whatever else is independent of Obamacare, but get out of teh rest."

    I'd privatize all of 'em, Don. If we have to have gubment programs like these, give the patients the money and let them shop for care.

  6. Some above are pretty close - come on Don call the spade. Single payer is absolutely the right idea: you get the service, you pay for it. Single payer. Simple.

  7. Single payer food. Single payer clothing. Single payer WiFi. It would lead to much more marriage.

    1. But then it wouldn't be single payer until the divorce...

  8. the ACA regulated doctors out of the business of healthcare delivery, so they sold out to the consolidating, politically connected players. Innovation in delivery systems stopped as rent seeking "not-for-profits" battled for market share. A full repeal will unleash a torrent of innovation and competition, driving down prices as much as the regulatory structure will allow. Be prepared!