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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Never interrupt a billionaire when he is virtue signaling

Billionaire Brian Chesky decided to do some virtue signaling this weekend in light of the Fake News of a "Muslim Ban." Chesky said he will provide free housing for any refugee banned by the United States.

While preening about it on Twitter, a Trump supporter asked what Chesky was going to do to help homeless veterans.

Chesky's reply? Chesky blocked him, the man said.


Rather than answer a legitimate question, Chesky blocked the questioner (notice another fellow -- not Chesky -- gave his answer).

We are not worthy enough to question our moral and intellectual superiors.

Under the next Democratic president, we will be forbidden to make eye contact with them.


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  1. Snort. What Airbnb housing is he offering? Other people's?

    1. That is the classic liberal - generous with everyone's money but theirs.

  2. It's like watching a bullying but cowardly seagull flick between aggressive and passive postures.

    Take that! ... Don't hit me back! ...Take that! ... Don't hit me back! ...

  3. Typical lib; can't stand anything that looks like dissent/disagreement with HIS ideas.

  4. I would go farther and push for a law that says anyone who lists their home with AirBNB must take refugees for an unlimited time and without compensation. go all the way Brian, all the way.

  5. The Lefties love them some Muslims, but U.S. Veterans? Not so much. They call us baby killers, but look at the way Muslims treat their children and women. And they want to bring more of them over here? There is something seriously wrong with the minds and morals of these people. - Elric

    1. North America has enough problems with locally raised readers of the Satanic verses. The attack yesterday in Canada was one home grown and one Arab. Trump needs to rethink his policy and ban the cult all together.

  6. 'We are not worthy enough to question our moral and intellectual superiors.'

    Cloud People.

    I used to work with a fellow of Hopi heritage that I still have tremendous respect for. After years of trying to understand his religious views of different "levels" and different "planes of existence with ancestry" I had to give up. I suppose it relates entirely to the fact that those people, similar to liberal elites, grow up with their own beliefs and come to innately understand them. The specific problem with liberals seems to be related to a denial of reality--Mr. Gashytewa never had a problem with reality but did accurately refer to liberals as "dream walkers."