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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mexico wants to re-negotiate NAFTA

President Trump cannot wait to take the job. Already, American, Chinese and Japanese companies and businessmen have promised to invest billions.

Now Mexico will re-negotiate NAFTA, which after 23 years failed to deliver jobs to the USA, prosperity to Mexico, and a reduction in the number of illegal aliens.

From the Associated Press:
Mexico's new foreign relations secretary said Tuesday his country isn't just willing to negotiate changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, it wants to start talks as soon as possible.
Luis Videgaray said there's "enormous uncertainty" following the U.S. election of Donald Trump as president. Trump has pressured companies not to move jobs to Mexico, warned he would tax those who do, and has vowed to renegotiate NAFTA.
Videgaray said in a Radio Formula interview that Trump's actions have caused concern, adding "that is why this (negotiation) process is so important, to dispel this uncertainty." He said talks should start "as soon as possible."
Mexico's peso weakened further Tuesday, closing at an interbank rate of 21.73 to $1.
Videgaray said his government's main concern would be "how to protect jobs in Mexico," and said "there are a lot of reasons to think the negotiation would be favorable for Mexico."
He said Mexico is willing to negotiate over Trump's plan to build a border wall. But Videgaray said Mexico won't pay for the wall, calling that "unacceptable."
So Mexico is willing to agree to everything but paying for the wall.

Tell me, do you think it would be agreeable to everything if Trump did not say he would get Mexico to pay for the wall?

Remember, this started out with Mexico saying no to a wall at all.

Now Mexico not only supports the wall, but is ready to re-write NAFTA.

Elections matter.


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  1. If "enormous uncertainty" means that we've replaced clueless globalist open borders elitist numbskulls, with a world class businessman who places US worker interests above corporate globaloney and one worldism, bring on the "enormous uncertainty."

  2. So Mexico wants to renegotiate NAFTA but refuses to pay for the wall? Simple solution: No money for the wall - no NAFTA renegotiation. Denmark has been confiscating money and valuables like jewelry from Muslim immigrants to help pay for their care. We can do the reverse at the border. As they leave the U.S. all illegal aliens will have their money and valuables confiscated to help pay for the wall. The peso has been going down against the dollar for several years and since the election the drop has accelerated. Do they really want to make things worse? - Elric

  3. "Stop Mr. Trump.
    Please, Stop.
    We cannot stand all this winning"
    Said the anti-American fakestream presstitutes.

  4. All we know for certain is that Dems and their media minions will never let up on their attacks, and will reinforce our belief that they're out for themselves, and not for the American people. And not trustworthy; no way, no how.

  5. Trump has done more as President elect than Obama did in 8 years.

  6. As part of the negotiations, Mexico must agree to take back the criminal illegals Obama has given safe haven to here north of the border. If they say absolutely not, Trump should put financial sanctions on the negotiating table. That should send a warning to El Salvador that they are next on Trump's list of criminal nations.

  7. Tax remittences flowing south via Western Union and other wire services.

    1. It'll cost you 99 bucks to send 1000 from somewhere in the US to somewhere in the US via Walmart.
      It'll cost you 15 or 20 to send 1000 bucks via Walmart to Mexico.
      Tax the heck out these remittances.
      (it costs less than 90 bucks to send a thousand to Afghanistan or Iraq).

  8. Yes, NAFTA is going to be re-done. Already Canada has sent if I remember right, 3 groups of pols and businessmen to Washington and New York.

    As Trudeau Sr. said years ago, "when the elephant rolls over, the mouse gets out of the way" or something similar.

    Though President Obama has tried to lower the world influence of America, he has not succeeded. The USA is still the top dog.

  9. Don Trumpeone made 'em an offer they can't defuse.

  10. Of course Mexico wants to redo NAFTA! Signees of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement include all of the NAFTA countries, US, Canada and Mexico. One intent beyond adding more countries than NAFTA was the modernization of the 20-year old NAFTA pact. We now have the internet and small businesses now trade internationally.

    From a US viewpoint, included in TPP is the elimination of some restrictive tariff items. The big criticism is that the TPP agreement stands 3 feet high - but 2 feet is made up of that is one of tax-reducing tariff eliminations.

    If DT walks from the TPP on 1/21/17, there exists the real possibility of the red star of Red China risng worldwide by stepping in to replace us.

    If you have 27 minutes, listen to this video from the Mercatus Center.