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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Less than a month away

The final cover.

A taste of what is to come.

Meanwhile, the original is on Kindle. And on paperback.


  1. Cover: Much better. I told you the Capitol building confused me. Now you're spot on. Rest on your laurels this week, take your wife on a short vacation, but you're on a roll and obliged to do another sequel for the First 100 Days. Remember, good things come in threes. You've got a pen and a phone....

    1. Yeah, I agree. Pretty eye catching. Heck, I'd buy a bunch of them if it looked like The White Album, but good choice, Big D. You listened to the people. That's why you're awesome.

  2. Looks great Don! I like that cover a lot. It will be fun to take that ride with you again. Especially since WE WON.

  3. Love the cover. This go-round, I will buy the physical book instead of getting the kindle version.

  4. Love it, Don! "The check is in the mail." :-)

    I also like the thought Iapetus had, "good things come in threes." So for the last book in the first trinity, how about "Trump Nukes Washington." I'm watching it happen right now, and it makes me want to sing with joy!