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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Left blew the "Muslim Ban"

The Left tried to be to clever by half in having Sally Yates, as acting attorney general, try to sabotage President Trump by refusing to defend the federal government in court -- and ordering the rest of the Department of Justice to stand down.

Far from being a martyr, Yates comes off as a smug Washington insider who put partisan politics ahead of national security.

Trump rightly cracked down on immigration and travel from Iran and six war-torn countries until Homeland Security can find a way to properly vet visas from these nations.

He issued marching orders to his agencies telling them to do so.

The Left was prepared for this move. Protesters were organized to strike on a minute's notice. ACLU lawyers were ready to drop a sue-and-settle suit. Democrats delayed Jeff Sessions's nomination. This was a perfect moment for Yates.

And she blew it.

From Jonathan H. Adler of the Washington Post:
A few quick observations. First, the statement seems to indicate that the executive order was reviewed by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, which apparently concluded that the executive order was lawful. Second, Yates does not claim that she cannot defend the executive order because it is unconstitutional or because the Justice Department would be unable to offer good-faith arguments in defense of its legality. To the contrary, Yates claims she is ordering the Justice Department not to defend the executive order because it is not “wise or just.” This is quite significant. I am not aware of any instance in which the Justice Department has refused to defend a presumptively lawful executive action on this basis.
Not her call. She was not elected president.

Many supporters think President Trump is playing 7th dimensional chess underwater in outer space with these guys.

I think he is just playing Tic Tac Toe.

And giving them the first move.

They are that dumb.

But they may be catching on. From Mike Allen: "Watch closely the specific, substantive moves of the Trump White House. Try to block out the white noise of outlandish statements and unforced errors, and the hyperventilating they provoke. This is more a bulldozer than a runaway train."


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  1. I'm glad he fired both her and the other ICE guy. Whatever, get 'em outta here. BYE.

  2. Many commenters are saying that this move was a smoking out operation. Seeing how people react in order to know who to get rid of right now. If so it is working. Of course, the DoJ official in question could not have known how long she would have been able to remain and how much damage she could do, but coming out so quickly and with such force disables her from doing possibly more substantial damage on the sly. Perhaps she wasn't coordinating with Schumer as well as she might have. Maybe they know that the senate will go nuclear much sooner than anticipated. All speculation.

  3. From The Conservative Treehouse - "President Trump is one person, yet he has them surrounded."

    Them being both the dems and the media.

    1. That's a perfect comment, Schlongy. Mr. Trump is just OWNING these fools right now. And they know it. And that's why they're so pissed off. Donald Trump is the John Wayne of the 21st century.

    2. He organized them into a circular firing squad.
      No, wait, they organized themselves into a circular firing squad, and he aint in the middle.

    3. It's amazing what happens when you put a real leader - who just does not GAF - into a cesspool of progressive bureaucrat bootlickers.

    4. It's called "getting inside their OODA loop." Trump's been turning cartwheels inside it for so long neither the deep state or the enemedia have any idea what to do about it.
      Steve Bannon especially "thinks about strategy all the time."

  4. Blame Obama; he had those 7 countries listed.

  5. "They are that dumb."

    That they are, but the Left, at least the Rent-A-Mobs, are all about emotion and that will do you in every time.

    As for how much they're catching on, this is the same stuff they pulled with Reagan.

  6. Anyone who was appointed by Obama should be fired immediately. - Elric

    1. That is difficult just now, but I do believe that part of the EO roll out problem was that management was still Obama people who didn't do their jobs as they should have in communicating the rules.

    2. That is difficult just now, but I do believe that part of the EO roll out problem was that management was still Obama people who didn't do their jobs as they should have in communicating the rules.

  7. "Donald Trump is the John Wayne of the 21st century."

    The Hell I Won't :

  8. Right now, a lot of "principled" bureaucrats in DC are deciding how "committed" they are to Progressivism vs. whether they can find another job to pay their DC mortgage.

    Anyone who has taken over an organization knows that there will be those either loyal to the predecessor or just looking for power, who will oppose you. Test your mettle. For peace and success, you must act decisively to put them down. Sometimes they buckle and become loyal, sometimes you have to (figuratively) publicly execute them as an example to the rest.

    Politicians are feckless in this task. Those with military experience and those who've employed working men (and women) in "Dirty Jobs" learn this or they don't succeed.

    The real peace will come when Trump puts down a mutinous office at EPA, the State Dept., etc. Some fools will challenge him in emotional opposition again and he will take their heads.

  9. Trump, the modern day Highlander: "There can be only one!" POTUS, that is...alpha male, leader, protector of the weak and innocent.