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Saturday, January 07, 2017

In defense of Maybelline ad

Maybelline finally hired a male model as its main spokeswoman. As a conservative I am supposed to get all wound up about this, but as a capitalist, I appreciate this for two reasons.

1. It's a nice gimmick that has people talking about a brand older than rock'n'roll whose target audience just turned 20.

2. It recognizes a loyal customer -- drag queens.

At Louder With Crowder, Kacie Burnett wrote:
Notice something off about this? Maybe he’s born with it, or maybe it’s Maybelline. Or maybe it’s that pube-esque beard they slathered in cakey, matte foundation in a poor attempt at distracting from the grossness, deriving directly from their shemale model having a penis. Either way, Manny’s gay o’clock shadowed face doesn’t exactly hit home with Maybelline’s target audience. As a regular woman, this sod’s eyelashes aren’t going to sell me on the newest mascara. It has zero appeal because women can’t relate to NOT SO MANLY MANNY. We want to look like Kate Moss… Not the glitter-bombed, hairy underside of a potato.
Good point. The model looks more metrosexually weak. Low energy.

Drag queens want to look like a strong woman. Barbra Streisand. Wendy Williams. Julie Newmar.

Maybelline is not even breaking ground. Cover Girl went Cover Boy in October.

Frankly, I do not care if a guy wants to look like a girl, or if a guy wants to be a metrosexual. Their business, not mine.

But nevertheless, I stand with any conservative sisters who want to boycott Maybelline -- or Cover Girl.

Just don't ask me to give up my Old Spice.

OK, I appreciate this nonsense about Maybelline for a third reason. I don't have to think about Dylann Roof, the Chicagoans who humiliated the retarded kid, or the gunman at Fort Lauderdale Airport. The first and the last are advertisements for the death penalty. I don't know what to do about the middle group.

Pray for America.

Don't worry about men with mascara.


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  1. The guy wearing mascara is a symptom, not the disease. The disease is weak, broken families and a society dedicated to destroying the very idea of manhood. At will divorce in which a woman can take a man's children and demand half of his wages because she wants to "find herself" or some other garbage has to stop. Government subsidizing the breakdown of society is what this is.

    1. Been there, done that. My daughter is now 18 years old and lives with me. They are Johnny on the Spot when it comes to hitting you with confiscatory levels of child support, but when it comes time to get out from under it they start slow-walking everything. - Elric

  2. My wife has never worn make-up in the 51 years we've been married, except for an occasional lipstick. She doesn't need make-up, certainly not for my benefit, since I find her beautiful without it. Consequently, this issue is not a blip on my radar. But that's why I come here to your site, Don, to learn about such earth-shaking developments. It's important that I keep up. (LOL)

  3. I'd say 20 years in the slammer for the middle group.

  4. There has always been a tension about capitalism among conservatives. On the one hand, in the long term, market forces more efficiently and justly allocates resources than does central planning, though short-term disruption can result in harm to some individuals.

    On the other hand, capitalism can also appeal to the worst in humanity and profit by catering to it. Capitalism can operate against virtue.

    There are certainly consumer markets for porn, methamphetamine, hip-hop music ("I'm about to bust some shots off; I'm about to dust some cops off") and aluminum baseball bats. But that doesn't mean that any of these things are virtuous. This is another example.

    Yeah sure; it's always easy for liberals obviously, always defining deviancy down, and for Pilate-like conservatives to wash their hands of this crap and say, "Well, this issue isn't very important compared to the global and economic turmoil that we have to deal with now", and, I suppose that, on the surface, it isn't.

    The "I'm an economic conservative and a social liberal" weasels used the same rationalization to punt on the same-sex marriage issue, as well.

    But I don't think that society is well-served by weak effeminate men wearing mascara and women in fatigues, and a weak emasculated society might well crumble of its own accord, regardless of whether it appears to have its economic and international house in order.

    Haven't you stated, Don Surber, that you oppose women in combat? Gosh, do you suppose that the notion of women in combat might be promoted by the same forces that promote men in mascara or that the two notions might be -- as teapartydoc may be suggesting -- symptomatic of the same disease?

    No, I don't propose that any state actor or agency mandate what Maybelline can or can't advertise.

    But in a better society than ours, a consumer backlash would cause Maybelline to pull this ad or, more likely, there would have been no perceived audience receptive to this ad in the first place, and it never would have been run.

    - Mark S.

  5. Great opportunity for a new Trump reality show here, and Manny gets to be the first contestant.

    "Marooned With A Nympho".

    Have your people call my people, Donald.

  6. I will never buy the product again.