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Saturday, January 28, 2017

In 10 days, "Trump the Establishment"

I have decided to pull the trigger, and publish the sequel on February 7.

Watch this space.

Details on purchase will unfold soon. However, autographed copies will be available. Email me for details at


  1. I will be watching you, Don. But, I still have to add that your two Exceptional Americans volumes ought to be in every grade school and school library in the country. Kids need to know the history of our country, and what better way to teach them than to personalize it with stories of people who succeeded in life (and offer much role models than a Beyonce or Kardashian or Kaepernick).

  2. Congratulations on setting the date. I look forward to buying several copies. I know this will be so good I'll want to give several as gifts.

  3. I'm calling it the Surber Bowl! Tom Brady's got nothin on Big D. E-mail forthwith.