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Friday, January 06, 2017

How Trump gamed CNN on the wall

CNN got its gotcha on President Trump last night. Got their gotchies wet over it.
Sources: Trump will ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for border wall
I read the headline and laughed.

Then I flipped the TV on and over to CNN.

I was not disappointed. Anderson Cooper, Robert Reich, and some other guy were arguing over the impact of having taxpayers, not Mexico, pay for the wall.


Over at the CNN web site, the story somberly said:
The move would break a key campaign promise when Trump repeatedly said he would force Mexico to pay for the construction of the wall along the border, though in October, Trump suggested for the first time that Mexico would reimburse the US for the cost of the wall.

The site had a video of Anderson Cooper announcing, in his best Ted Baxter voice, "American taxpayers will pay for the wall."

Oh it is a gotcha all right.

President Trump got them.

Instead of discussing whether we should build a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, deplorable wall, CNN is arguing over who is going to pay for it.

As the old joke goes: "What sort of woman do you think I am?"

"We've already determined that. Now we're just haggling over the price."


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  1. In a way they are already paying for it. How many billions in taxable income are being spent and paid out to potential employees with the plants that won't be built there? And there are such things as money multipliers in the private sector, even if the Keynesians have never been able to repeat the phenomenon at the government level.
    Yeah, we may not be sending Mexico a bill and receipt, but they are paying for our wall, alright.

  2. Congress can pass a bill providing funds to build a wall/fence on the border and in the same bill stipulate that the funds will be reimbursed by a surcharge on all remittances to Mexico from non-U.S. citizens. Voila! One neat little package completely funded by Mexican citizens. We simply put the money up front to get it built sooner, then sit back and recoup the expense. It may even turn a profit. - Elric

    1. Bazinga!
      I just came across this at Drudge: "President-elect Donald Trump on Friday tweeted that Mexico will reimburse American taxpayers for a new border wall and that U.S. money spent will be for the "sake of speed."

      - Elric

    2. There is already a bill, from 2006, passed by both houses and signed by President Bush. It's called the "Secure Fence Act" and you can read about it HERE.

    3. We all know that once a tax is passed it becomes permanent. Mexico could end up paying for the wall several times over.

  3. True fact. And, I'm pretty sure we'll get Mexico to pay for some of it, one way or another. Tax on remittances back to Mexico. Deportation of scumbag criminal element: all this crime, now yours. Our long term economic expansion could absorb the cost easily. Etc.

    It's an investment in our economy, culture, and future, not a cost.

    1. Remittance tariff...there ya go. A year ago I napkined the remittances (which is impossible at best) at about 2.4% of their GDP. My numbers were essentially equal to the sales tax revenue of the state of Idaho. SD at CTH (today) has it equal or greater than their oil revenue (which is yuge).

      Notice the bank minister resignation a while back, whack-a-mole declining peso, and WalMart economic confidence indicator? So long subsidies.

  4. CNN: Getting it wrong again, one more time (for now).



    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago
    The dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the Great Wall (for sake of speed), will be paid back by Mexico later!

  6. I think what is funny is that Surber thinks the wall is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and deplorable wall. BTW - can someone provide the link(s) detailing when Mexico officials agreed to pay back the costs.

    1. I hereby baptise thee "Can Someone Provide", Anonymous.

    2. "can someone provide the link(s) detailing when Mexico officials agreed to pay back the costs"
      Actually, I do provide it in my next book. Seriously.

  7. How much will be recouped by not paying illegal aliens welfare, not paying for education of illegal aliens, not paying SS money to illegal aliens, etc.?

  8. Don,

    Your point is well taken and very perceptive. Regardless of who foots the bill, the U.S. or Mexico (directly or indirectly)it is astounding to watch Trump play the media. Knowing they will criticize anything he does, he gives them a sacrificial squirrel to occupy their time.

    It's like watching a magician on stage. Years ago (1976) in Thanksgiving TV production called "Magic Man" a magician had an volunteer from the audience on stage and told him he would make a crumpled up paper ball disappear. He also told the volunteer that he would not know how the trick was done, but that the entire audience would know. The magician then proceeded to show the subject the crumpled up paper ball and flick it away out of his line of sight. The balls got so big that the magician's hands could hardly cover them, but the subject still didn't see them disappear even as he was sitting on stage in a field of "disappeared" crumpled paper balls which he didn't see either.

    Thus Trump: "I'll tell you what I'm going to do, you're going to oppose it, but you're not going to be able to stop it because you'll be chasing something else."

    It's masterful now, I don't know how long the same trick can continue to work, but it sure is fun watching.

  9. "Oh please, Brer Fox, don't throw me into that there briar patch!"