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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fake News of the day

One tactic of the press is to make the normal seem somehow normal.
This cat bills himself:
NBC News • Senior news editor and writer, NBC Nightly News. The more em dashes — the merrier. If your mother says she loves you, check it out.
Apparently his mother said every appointed will-and-pleasure employee resigning upon a new president's arrival is abnormal.

But Bradd Jaffy failed to check it out.

I did. At Ace's place.

From Ace Of Spades Headquarters:
So a "wow" from a young-un know-nothing.
But Matt Lee, a more experienced diplomatic reporter, calls this a nothing:
Ace posted a series of Tweets from Matt Lee.

I added a few. I will not mourn Ringling Bros. closing as long as these twits keep beclowning themselves.

By the way, I read Bradd Jaffy's timeline at Twitter. Nothing he tweets or retweets suggests an objective journalist -- only a jackass grasping at straws to bring President Trump down.

Meanwhile, after Matt Lee and others pointed and out the story was nothing, teh Washington Post changed it -- without admitting its earlier mistake.
From the Washington Post:
A number of career Foreign Service officers were informed this week that they will not be asked to stay on in senior or sensitive posts that are under direct White House control, creating an unusual leadership vacuum among the top ranks of the State Department.
Although the diplomats were not technically fired, the Trump administration opted to remove a number of top officials in charge of the State Department’s 13 divisions responsible for policy and other matters. Officials at the level of assistant secretary and above were affected, the department said.
Trump’s choice to be secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, is expected to be confirmed as soon as Monday and to be on the job next week. The White House is expected to name a deputy for Tillerson within a few days. The leading candidates are Republican foreign policy specialists who are not serving in government.
So thank you, Bradd Jaffy for preserving that Fake News so that everyone can see media bias as it happened. As Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist put it:


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  1. I look at every State Employee who leaves because of Trump as a victory. As Insty said, the swamp is self draining.

    The tool they interviewed tonight on NPR sums up the type of State Department personnel you want to see gone. He and his husband are considering their next move after his resignation.

  2. And the gay part is not what bothers me, is the presumptuous douchey attitude because his gal did not prevail.

  3. I suspect there will be more standing at the door waiting their turn to jump and yell Gee-RON-i-moooo.

  4. Here's some info on the great people we lost:

  5. Ah folks, Patrick Kennedy (who resigned) is the dude who was waist deep in the doo doo surrounding Hillary Clinton's private email server. He was her right hand guy at State. I wouldn't be surprised if a bit of digging through the records of that scandal---the ones that State didn't deep six to cover their butts---would provide enough evidence to indict him on various federal charges. He's getting out because he needs to get to Brazil before the new SoS and the IG start snooping into his work for Hillary.

  6. Assume everything the fake media says is fake until it's proven to be fake.

  7. "creating an unusual leadership vacuum among the top ranks of the State Department."

    Gotta be the first time in history that a vacuum didn't suck.

  8. EVERY organization in private business goes through this when a new CEO arrives. Only in DC is this treated as a Major Event. Good Gawd, these people are stoopid..

  9. And the transition was so unexpected to those with their head stuck far up their posterior.

  10. I detest em dashes. I only use en dashes. And more resignations, please. As for the Ringling Bros., my daughter is 18 years old now and I will not miss fighting the crowd and dropping $100 every spring. President Trump is providing the best entertainment I can think of. - Elric

  11. I first heard this on Fox Radio News yesterday, that State Dept. employees were "resigning en masse." And the resignations en masse consisted of FOUR---exactly FOUR people--from State. You really can't make this stuff up!

  12. As everyone who follows the news remembers Patrick Kennedy attempted to interfere in the FBI investigation of Hillary's secret server. Therefore the line in Mr. Rogin's story that Kennedy was angling to remain in his job is pure BS as he well aware that he absolutely would not remain in his job given his actions. It is no surprise that his resignation was accepted as of yesterday and we can expect many more of Odumbo's political appointees to exit not just the State Department but from all Executive agencies.