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Thursday, January 26, 2017

British PM is more pro-American right now than the Never Trumpers

Theresa May, swept into the British premiership following the Brexit vote, addressed Republicans members of Congress in Philadelphia today.

May was more pro-American in her speech than the Never Trump crowd, who call being America First racist, xenophobic, and the rest of the basket of deplorables.
She gets it.

On Fox News, Nigel Farage said he agreed with every word of her speech.

Hers was an extraordinarily uplifting speech that supported the president's call for NATO allies to fulfill their promises to share the cost of protecting, and to focus NATO on fighting terrorists.

While defenders of the NATO status quo point out the organization is 67 years old, they skate over to pertinent facts:
1. The threat it was created for disappeared 25 years ago.
2. Afterward, it doubled the nations covered.
Essentially, NATO is the Department of Defense for the European Union.

Screw that. I already pay for one DoD. Cannot afford two.

From the Guardian:
As she prepared to meet Donald Trump in Washington, amid profound anxiety in Europe about how he will choose to exercise American power, May insisted that the “days of Britain and America intervening in sovereign countries in an attempt to remake the world in our own image are over.”
Patrick Buchanan smiles.

More from the Guardian:
But she stressed that the two countries should still meet their “obligations of leadership” to tackle “new global challenges”, including the conflict in Syria and the fight against Islamic State.
“This cannot mean a return to the failed policies of the past. But nor can we afford to stand idly by when the threat is real and when it is in our own interests to intervene. We must be strong, smart and hard-headed. And we must demonstrate the resolve necessary to stand up for our interests.”
She faces challenges at home that I am not expert in. She may not have liked Brexit but it falls upon her to make it work. President Trump and the United States can help her.

The two meet tomorrow. They will exchange small gifts, but May gave Trump a huge one today.

A promise to have America's back in re-negotiations with NATO.


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  1. not even close. i'll sing her praises once the UK actually leaves the EU.

  2. Churchill and Roosevelt
    Reagan and Maggie
    Trump and May

    It works.

    1. I think it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    2. Yeah, it does, Ed. Simplistically, it goes like this: We left home when we were kids because of our parents. Our parents then attempted to chase us down and drag us back home. We were like, hell no, we got a new thang going here and it's working out real good. The parents relented and left us alone...

      The British understand us better than any other country on earth. We kissed and made up. Now, we start to rock and roll together again.

    3. I think the Aussies and Canadians do too--not just because of the language and ties to the Old Country, but the three of us are big countries with lots of room and an optimism that seems to go with that.

  3. Let's see if we can get Australia and Canada on board and restore the Anglosphere.

    1. Meet the Australian meat ambassador, Jess Pryles.

      Think she's got the correct attitude to make it in Texas, where she currently resides?

    2. Here's Jess's BBQ website.

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  5. President Trump has tapped into an emotion that is not limited to the U.S. People around the world have had enough. And Nazi collaborator Soros and his babies on the Progressive Left have had their day. Good riddance to them. - Elric

  6. Yeah, well I aint holding my breath for this one. She screwed Israel over, so she has a long way to go before she gets my vote.