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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bill Gates made no one poor

The British elitists at Oxfam looked down their nose to sneer at the New Money, declaring that eight people own as much as the poorest half of the world.

So what?

Not a single one of the eight caused Zimbabwe to go from the breadbasket of Africa to Africa's basket case.

A socialist did.

Not a single one of the eight caused Cuba to go from the Latin American country with the highest per capita income to one of its poorest.

A socialist did.

Not a single one of the eight caused food shortages in Venezuela.

A socialist did.

The richest eight men in the world enslaved no one, destroyed no national monuments, or caused any wars.

Islamic terrorists did.

None of the richest eight men exploited anyone.

In fact, the richest eight helped 8 billion people improve their lot.

Forbes magazine listed them as Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim Helu, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, and Michael Bloomberg.

Gates, Ellison, and Zuckerberg helped put computers and knowledge in the hands of billions of people across the world. Hate Microsoft all you want, but Gates prevented computing from devolving into a Tower of Babel.

Ortega and Bezos revolutionized retailing. Hate Amazon all you want but you can download my book in seconds, or have it delivered in a day or two.

Buffett saved thousands of jobs by taking over companies, stripping away bad managers, and putting the companies back on their feet again.

Carlos Slim helped Mexicans go mobile with their phones.

Bloomberg started a news service.

Tell me how these men cost you a dime. I don't like their politics, but I hate the exploitation of class envy by a bunch of trust fund baby socialists.

Yes, I get that Gates was the son of a millionaire. I also get that a billion is a thousand times a million. He may have started on third, but as a lifetime Cleveland Indians fan, I can tell you moving from third to home is never guaranteed.

Besides, I also get that many kids in his position thirty years ago wasted their lives on sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll.

These eight men are capitalists. They built it. You didn't. Don't be jealous. Find something you can build.

Too old? Colonel Sanders was 65 when he started what became KFC.


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  1. The weird thing about these capitalists, which is not true of wealthy socialists and Communists, is that the greatest part of their vast wealth will end up being used for charitable causes of immense value to the poor people of the world. I might not like their politics, but I greatly admire their generosity and philanthropy. In fact, I'd say I'm actually jealous of their good works because it's something I'd want to do (for the particular charitable causes I'm interested in) if only I had their vast resources.

  2. WATCH LIVE: Betsy Devos confirmation hearing

    1. Mist have been effective, the video has alredy been blocked.

    2. Mist have been effective, the video has alredy been blocked.

  3. Great post. Wish I could write a response to Oxfam this well.

    But the next time I hear this nonsense, I know how to respond.

    With one simple link. I'm bookmarking this one.

  4. It's the "New Money" types that irk the Limey Lefties.

    It's fine to trace your inheritance, like Betty Windsor, to the grandson of a Viking pirate who managed to extort some land at the mouth of the River Seine out of the then French king, just so long as it happened a thousand years or so ago in 1066.

  5. If you take some people with no jobs and give them low-paying jobs, that's exploiting them. So the government raises the minimum wage and you close the factory and the people are unemployed again. That's socialism.

  6. Those 22 people who got sacked from the new defunct Clinton foundation better remember that the first to break ranks gets the big bucks, the rest get squat.

  7. Excellent post.

    Microsoft and intel gave me the tools to effectively and efficiently earn a living and retire early.

    I hate Gates' politics as well as most of Silicon Valley, but they are also forever in my debt.

  8. time for a wealth tax.

  9. You can't take it with you. - Elric