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Sunday, January 08, 2017

A year ago today, I wrote this. The next day, I started "Trump the Press"

A year ago today, I wrote this. The next day, I started "Trump the Press," my book on the Republican nomination process. The thirty-eight comments convinced me that Trump would win.

The piece:

If this is what they do, who needs the Republican Party?

Neo-conservatives make the argument that Donald Trump will destroy the Republican Party.


Many people in the Republican Party would consider destroying the party to be icing on the cake. A two-fer, really. Trump builds a wall and destroys the Republican Party at the same time.

Voters have a legitimate beef. In 2010, the Tea Party flipped the House Republican in a historic fashion. The net gain of 63 seats meant nearly a quarter of the party's House membership drank tea, not Kool-Aid. Things went OK for a while. Boehner and company actually shut down the government to force concessions from our socialist president.

But then in 2012, Obama played the race card, through a posthumous adoption of Trayvon Martin. Elected to a second term, Obama played hardball, and the Republicans shut down the government again. Things were working well. In 2014, the Tea Party gave Republicans the Senate. And what happened?


Boehner and Mitch McConnell refused to force Obama to veto a damned thing. Not one thing. A full repeal of Obamacare should have been on the president's desk the first day.

The economy is weak. The nation is being overrun by illegal aliens -- as one reader called them, correctly, colonists who want to take over our turf. Putin is now the world's policeman. We gave nukes to Iran, armed the Islamic State, and turned city after city into a hellhole run by Democratic mayors who have made their police departments stand down.

To hell with this. Yes, Republicans are not responsible for all or even most of this.

But where was the denunciation of the Democratic Party's amoral ruination of the country?

Republicans are Clueless in Washington.

The argument that Trump will get Hillary elected does not scare Trump supporters. They are more worried about electing a third Bush or some sellout.

They want a Reagan, and guess what? Trump's the closest to Reagan, whom the Republican Establishment hated and still hates today. He brought Those People into the party and ugh, Donald Trump threatens to bring even more in.

Virginia Republicans want to wall off independents and Democrats from their primary -- after opening up the primaries.

If only Virginia Republicans were as tough on illegal immigrants.

From Peggy Noonan's end-of-the-year column:
If the GOP breaks it will be bitter. The establishment thinks they are saving the party from the vandals — from Trumpian know-nothingism. But Republicans on the ground think those in the establishment were the vandals, with their open borders, donor-class interests and social liberalism.
The distance between the top of the party and the bottom has been growing for years, at least since 2008. The bonds between the two have stretched and stretched, and this year they began to snap. That’s the story of the year, that the snapping became obvious. Mr. Trump and the Trumps of the future are the result, not the cause. The establishment does not see this. They think it’s about him. It’s about them.
Noonan is most famous for writing the six words that destroyed the first Bush presidency: "Read my lips: no new taxes."

It was a filthy, outrageous lie by one of Our Betters. Bush never bought into Reaganism, The first Bush faked it. He deserved the humiliation in 1992.

It is all about the Republican Establishment. Americans sent them to do a job. They didn't.

Republicans promised in 2006 to build a wall. Where the hell is it? Is it on back order? Or did we run out of money, because we have only "borrowed" $13 trillion since Republicans balanced the budget under Clinton.

Americans used to be divided between social classes and income, but increasingly we are divided by education. You have your College Educated people, and you have your Unindoctrinated.

Colleges teach many good things, but they also indoctrinate. They flatter people into thinking they are intelligent, while feeding them B.S. about global warming and the like. Instead of advancing the American culture, colleges undermine it with crap such as Man Invented God In The Image Of Man and the Constitution is racist.

And so you have a chasm between the Know-It-Alls and the Know-Nothings, and frankly, the Know-Nothings are tired of the duplicity and the double standards.

In today's column, Noonan wrote: "I do not understand the inability or refusal of Republican leaders to take Mr. Trump seriously. They take his numbers seriously — they can read a poll — but they think, as Mr. Bush said, that his support is all about anger, angst and theatrics. That’s part of the story, but the other, more consequential part has to do with real policy issues. The establishment refuses to see that, because to admit it is to implicate themselves and their leadership. Political consultants can’t see it because they don’t think issues matter — not to them and certainly not to the dumb voters."

But then she added:
But issues do matter, and Mr. Trump has functioned this year not as a great communicator or great compromiser but as the great disruptor. He brags that he has brought up great questions and forced other candidates to face them and sometimes change their stands — and he has. He changed the debate on illegal immigration. He said he’d build a wall and close the border and as the months passed and his competitors saw his surge, they too were suddenly, clearly, aggressively for ending illegal immigration.
Mr. Trump touched an important nerve in opposing the political correctness that has angered the American people for a quarter century. He changed the debate when he asked for a pause in Muslim immigration until America “can figure out what’s going on.” In the age of terror, that looked suspiciously like common sense. Americans do not want America to become what Europe is becoming.
You only have to look at what is reported to have happened in Cologne, Germany, on New Years Eve to get a sense that Europe’s establishment, with its politically correct thinking, is losing control. Angela Merkel is a great lady and most of her leadership has been sound as a drum, but she will probably lose her job eventually because of her epic miscalculation in accepting more than a million Mideastern refugees.
So letting in a million invaders to rape your women is a miscalculation -- an epic miscalculation, but a miscalculation, not a complete and total utter failure to do the basic job of government: Protect the coasts and deliver the posts.

And she is wrong in another way. Trump is an excellent communicator -- or as I call it, salesman. He also is a great compromiser. He cuts deals all the time.

Perhaps if Noonan did not hang around with people who openly lie to the public they scorn -- Bush 41 -- she might get that some people still say what they mean. Great Disruptor? Sure. Why not? Things are not going well in this country. It could use a swift kick in the ass.

Trump and Cruz are leading this race because they lead. Call them demagogues, but they lead. They act. They do.


Please read "Trump the Press," in which I skewer media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.

It covers the nomination process only. The general election will be covered in a sequel.

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  1. I always wondered what the moment of epiphany was like for Don.

    Was there a supracranial lightbulb, or a voice on the telephone saying "Blessed art thou among journos, Donald"?

    1. Spider Robinson- back before he got the BDS and started acting like a flake- once said that his career as a writer started when he got a job going through the slush pile at (IIRC) Tor F&SF. One day, while looking through yet another z-grade unsolicited manuscript, he said to himself, "This is horrible... why, I can write better than these hacks!". And then he set about to prove it.
      I think the same thing happened with DJT. All of us, and increasingly over the past ten years, have gritted our teeth at yet another GOP sellout/betrayal/unforced error/wasted opportunity and said to ourselves, "I could do the job better than these mooks!" Well, finally a guy who said that was in a position to do something about it.

  2. Well put, Dave P. Likely that is what happened.
    As for my epiphany, I read those 38 comments and said to myself, it is happening.
    The people ain't putting up with BS.

  3. Saying "Read my lips: No new taxes" did not destroy Bush's presidency. Breaking his promise did.

    1. No, saying it did, because he never intended to keep the promise. That is Don's point. He would say anything to get elected, secure in the knowledge that the rubes wouldn't remember. Too bad for him, the rubes had a better memory than he expected. Fucking rubes.

    2. I was around at the time. The general consensus was that Bush Lesser had either made a positive promise to the American people he had no intent of sticking by, or that he made a promise that he lacked the grit to defend the second he was opposed (much like his son and federal judgeships). Liar or weakling, in other words. In any case, a lot of voters went for Bill Clinton not because they thought he was the bee's knees, but because they simply felt that, between the unkept tax promise and a host of other issues, Bush Lesser simply didn't deserve another term as President.

  4. Peggy Noonan is a dried up old bag who gasses on about a world she does not understand. She has nothing to say worth hearing.

    1. I think you are being unfair to dried up old bags. What have they ever done to you?

    2. Peggy Noonan lost all credibility when she supported Obungler in 2008. She thought he would govern as a moderate even as he campaigned as an unabashed liberal. I knew way back then that any opposition to any of his policies would be deemed racist. It was obvious o the most casual observer. How could Noonan and so many other Republican pundits miss it?

    3. Easy--they were being well-paid to miss it.

      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” -- Upton Sinclair

      This is just as true of women.

  5. There is still ePube fungus among us. I'm thinking Senator Grahamnesty. Why South Carolinian Republicans keep returning this guy is a mystery. Likewise McConnell in Kentucky.