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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A movement trumps a cult, Democrats

Every morning I wake up happy knowing Donald John Trump is the President of the United States, because that means Hillary ain't president, Barry ain't president, and Barry can never be president again.

But Barry has begun trying to butt in.

Barry wants to pretend he is the President of the Confederated States of America, which includes the West Coast, New England, a few mid-Atlantic states, and the headquarters of CNN in Atlanta, Georgia.

And so Jefferson Davis Obama and his hordes in the Hamptons, Hollywood, and the 'hood are digging their heels in, making a ruckus, and trying to cause trouble.

Republicans in D.C. may be nervous. They should not be. Like Bill Clinton before him, Obama's presidency was built on a Cult of Personality. Like Bill, Barry followed a President Bush damaged by a war with Iraq.

Both Bill and Barry fit the mood of the people, however, each was the figurehead for a socialistic ideology that most Americans reject.

While both remain popular, neither is in power and neither can regain power. They are political eunuchs. Sure, they can raise money for their party but as we saw in November, money doesn't buy everything.

Indeed, in the post-cable age of the Internet, money may be a hindrance.

President Trump has the opposite of a cult of personality. Oh sure, he has a rock-solid core of supporters who, as Reihan Salam of National Review put it, see him as a combination of Santa Claus, Scrooge McDuck, and Vito Corleone.

But I dare say most of Trump's supporters voted for his ideas, not the man. Many voted for him despite the man.

One would think that would hinder Santa McDuck Corleone.

Actually, the Cult of Ideas works well for Trump.

His ideas are so strong -- his opposition to a large central government works against the national interest is so powerful -- that his human foibles are dismissed as just that: human.

Trump can say and do stuff without consequence as long as he delivers programs such as:
Ending illegal immigration.
Ending the Islamic State.
Ending the nine-year recession.
He must stand and deliver. Americans want to put America first.

His favorables are in the 40s?

The media's are in the toilet.

As long as he pushes back against the scoundrels, he wins.

Trump heads a movement -- one that gave Republicans the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and the White House in 2016. Republicans have reversed the political polarity in the Statehouses, shortening the Democratic bench.

Democrats need to work fast to win big this year and next, otherwise they face longer odds in 2020. They seem to be where Republicans were in 1964 or 1974 -- but without a Nixon or Reagan on the horizon.


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  1. "He must stand and deliver."

    That's always been the standard by which he was judged and it is now.

    1. I note that is NOT the standard Obama was judged by.

  2. Now if the Democrats would just name Ashley Judd as DNC chair.

  3. The model the left relies upon for revolution remains the French Revolution. Their problem is that that revolution relied on a concentrated population of urban discontents in order to carry it. They have plenty of urban discontents, but there is no one place that they can dominate in order to gain the power that they crave, and the internet works against them in this. The city of Paris was they key in France. Without Paris no revolution. In hindsight Versailles should have been a hundred miles away, not twelve. Despite the fact that DC contains a vast amount of power, it is all delegated, not concentrated. Just looking at any electoral map proves this.
    Another thing that would have prevented the French Revolution would have been an internet. The lack of an ability to instantly consult the people who elected them to the Estates General and the intimidating tactics they met from Parisians led the deputies to the national assembly to do things that were unthinkable, not only months before, but to rural folk who later on were slaughtered in the ensuing civil war.
    The strategy of the left has been domination of urban centers for a hundred years. They know that they don't have the numbers, so they concentrate on making it look like they do. Modern communications is making this more difficult.
    That's why banning conservatives from social networking platforms has become so important to them.
    Still trying to recreate the appearance of a mandate for mischief.

  4. Who says Trump's favorability is in the 40's? The fake stream media that said he would never win?

  5. "His favorables are in the 40s?

    The media's are in the toilet."

    The media and the Dems keep flushing that toilet!

  6. So, states rights are important to the Dems once again? They're harkening back to the early 19th Century? After striving so hard for so many years to create an all-powerful, dominating Federal government to do their bidding, they want to regress 200 years to the days of the Old South? History repeats itself as farce instead of tragedy.

  7. Any movement that believes that mentally ill men have the "right" to share bathrooms with little girls is, indeed, a cult.

    The Democrats have sunk so far, so fast, that it's not even funny.

  8. Problem for Barry is, Trump's wise to his Quaker cannons.

  9. "They are political eunuchs."

    Little Elvis has gone out on a solo road-trip, huh?

  10. The link that said National Review went to Slate. I know it was the correct article, but I had to wash up afterword.

  11. First, let me say Don that I love you and your blog.

    But that was a damnable slur on Jeff Davis.

    Most of us are confident that Trump will deliver on his campaign promises. He's certainly made a dang good start.