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Thursday, January 19, 2017

71st Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

As I write this, there are 17 hours left until the inauguration of President Trump.

I share with readers the 71st Amazon review of "Trump the Press."

From HW n VA:
Mr. Surbers' instincts of the American electorate are rare in "News Media." He hits out of the park exposing how the game was played and how the media and pols didn't know or notice how the game had changed. If I were in the business of news reporting, I'm not, (I am a news consumer) you will get some valuable lessons from a real old school newsman. Trump the Press...yes he did, and then some. Looking forward to the next book.
Thank you. You made my day.

Just typesetting and a final decision on the cover need to be done before "Trump the Establishment: The Elitists Never Learned in 2016" is ready.

Meanwhile, "Trump the Press" is available in paperback and on Kindle.

Email me to receive an autographed copy of "Trump the Press." The cost is $25 and includes shipping.


  1. "You're not forgotten any more."

    How can the Left say ANYTHING in response to Trump's statement without sounding like they're saying to America "Oh yes, you are!"

  2. Sean Spicer spoke of "beachhead teams" of transition officials who will move into agencies, but I think Trump's people may be more Special Forces, of the "capture and hold until relieved" variety.