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Friday, December 09, 2016

Why President Trump listens Al Gore

I love reading on Twitter people freaking about the new president meeting with Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio, Rahm Emanuel at Trump Tower,

Well why not meet with them? It is better to give the appearance of bipartisanship, and who knows? They may have a good idea.

Remember, soon-to-be former President Obama said to House Republican Whip Erica Cantor three days after inauguration in 2009: “I won. So I think on that one, I trump you.”

Don't be Obama about the damned thing.

Now a part of me would like a Billy Batts moment when President Trump tells Al Gore to go home and get his shine box. But we all know what happens to Billy Batts in the movie Goodfellas.

From the Los Angeles Times:
When Al Gore emerged from his surprise meeting at Trump Tower earlier this week to suggest the president-elect was a good listener and maybe was keeping an open mind on climate change, there was hardly universal relief on the left. But there was a lot of suspicion that Gore had been played.
Within 48 hours, Donald Trump deepened those suspicions, naming Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma and a prominent climate-change skeptic, to run the Environmental Protection Agency.
The editor of the progressive news outlet ThinkProgress, Judd Legum, posted an analysis of Google searches showing that the Gore meeting had gotten substantially more Internet attention than the choice of an official who is a favorite of the oil industry to run the new administration’s environmental policies. 
“These meetings are entertainment to distract you while [Trump] guts Obama’s climate policy,” Legum tweeted.
OK, maybe Al Gore brought his shine box.


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  1. And maybe he's just playing them.

    1. Yeah.

      "Go long, Al. No, keep going. Further, man, much further.

      Okay, now Al's across town, let's fix the EPA's little red wagon..."

  2. Obama went to George Will's house before he was inaugurated and met with him and other never Trumper conservatives.But Obama didn't listen to them then or ever but his media slaves always referred to the meeting as proof of his reasonable nature.

  3. President-Elect Trump is being quite Churchillian: “In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity.” He's giving them a hearing. It doesn't mean he agrees with them. - Elric

  4. "It's a TRAP!" A Trump trap; heh. heh, heh.

  5. Trump listens to everyone and then makes his mind up about things. A CEO that only listens to one side Yes Men is a bad CEO.

  6. I always listen to all sides of an issue even when inknownwhatbinwant to do. I may learn something but it sure appeases those presenting their side.

    And PEOTUS Trump must be getting a kick
    Out of these never-trumpets running to NY to meet with him with their tails between their legs.

  7. When Obama met with Republicans it was so he could lecture them. I don't care who Trump meets with. I care what Trump does.

  8. One of my favorite scenes from the Simpsons was Homer trying to get his job back at the power plant. There were two doors. A normal one for 'Applicants' and a doggy door for 'Supplicants'.

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