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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Trump knew he would be president in June

President Trump knew he would be president in June -- likely earlier. In fact, I cannot imagine him entering any race for anything without thinking he would win. But now we have proof that he knew he would win as early as June.

From United Press International:
A spokesman for Donald Trump said the president-elect sold all of his stock holdings in June, which could help him avoid potential conflicts of interest.
The announcement comes after Trump on Tuesday morning said he wants to cancel the government's order for the development of a new Air Force One, citing a $4 billion cost.
Obviously someone asked if he owned stock in Boeing or a competitor.

The answer was no, which led to this revelation.

Now then, if I were running for president, I would wait until my election and then go through the hassle (and likely red ink) of dumping my stocks.

Not President Trump.

He was confident he would win.

So much for the emoluments angst.

And so much for this summer's Fake News about him not being serious about winning.

Putting his company in the hands of his three eldest children and whatever other money he has in a stock index fund would further insulate him from conflict of interest charges.


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  1. True story:

    I was on the phone with my dad back in, I think, February.

    Dad: Trump really isn't serious about this, is he?

    Me: Dad, do you think he would have this much of his own skin in the game if he wasn't?

    Dad: (silence)

    Me: He's not only gonna win the primary, he's gonna win the general. C'mon Dad, get on The Train!

    DJT got two votes from Great Falls, MT, my parents, nine months later.


    1. Sounds like the conversations I had with my sons.

  2. Of course he knew all along. A successful businessman with a go-get'em can-do attitude against a bunch of smarmy GOP politicians and a crone like Hillary? It was a no-brainer. - Elric

  3. He sold knowing he would win, but also as a hedge, in case the democrat vote rigging machine got in gear.

    Selling the stock protected him from the Hillary Market Crash.

    Stocks were down right before election day anticipating a Clinton win. Trump WINS!!!!! Stocks continue to hit record highs.

  4. There's a great piece out of Puffington about his competitors in the primaries knowing he'd win in September last year because, while other candidates had a polling ceiling, he had a reliable floor.

    1. Reading the PuffHo is taking one for the team! Good On Ya!

    2. What price is Puffington now, BTW?

      Three dollars a ton, right?