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Monday, December 12, 2016

President Trump's picks surprise only the clueless

"The biggest surprise Donald Trump has provided as president-elect is just how conservative a cabinet he is putting together. 'This is a more conservative cabinet than Reagan assembled in 1980,' says Ed Feulner, a key Trump transition adviser. As president of the Heritage Foundation at the time, Feulner provided guidance for Reagan’s choices," John Fund wrote in National Review.

Of course Trump is loading up a Cabinet that will be a conservative's dream.

What election had the people Fund quoted been following?

Did they not bother to read anything that wasn't some anti-Trump screed to find out who Donald Trump is?

Did they not read the list of people Trump would consider for the Supreme Court?

Did they not listen to what Trump was telling voters?

Only the self-satisfied, unread, smug Washington insiders would be surprised to learn that -- shockingly -- President Trump is (gasp) a conservative.

But, there they are.

From Fund:
So why has Trump moved in such a conservative direction since his election? Interviews with several people around him turn up several answers. 
1. During the campaign, Trump learned a lot about the country and how its economic vitality had been sapped and its foreign-policy standing eroded during the Obama years. “He now recognizes that the problems confronting the nation require bold reforms, and delaying the treatment will only sap his political capital,” former education secretary Bill Bennett says. 
2. The refusal of previous GOP presidential nominees George H. W. Bush, John McCain, and George W. Bush to back Trump in the general election has liberated Trump from obligations; he owes very little to them or their followers. “An entire existing infrastructure of establishment Republicans are not favored to run cabinet agencies as would normally be the case,” a key Trump adviser told me. “Fresh faces, new ideas, and résumés unburdened by special-interest ties move towards the top of the pile.” 
3. The viciousness with which left-wing allies of Hillary Clinton and their media enablers attacked Trump persuaded the New York billionaire that there was no making peace with his adversaries. “He is not a traditional conservative, but he sure as hell knows who his enemies are,” a Trump aide told me. “He won’t be forgetting that either he defangs them, or they will defang him.”
Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary for President George W. Bush, was no Trump fan during the campaign, but he concurs that we are now seeing a more focused and determined figure — and one who plans to move in a conservative direction.
This is the Cabinet I expected. I did not know the exact names, but I knew what to expect in the nominees. Take school choice advocate Betsy DeVos. I never heard of her before he picked her, but she was what I expected. Who the heck did these beclowned pundits think Trump would appoint as the Secretary of Education? The head of a teachers union?


Let me go over this again slowly:






Any questions?

Trump is not the reality show barker that people who never watched The Apprentice insist he is.

They fooled themselves into thinking he was a fool.

Sure, Trump had fun on the campaign trail, and will continue to do so. But he works his butt off and appreciates people who do the same. He is building a capitalistic society to replace the Byzantine socialist state we now have.

"For all his known vulnerabilities, Trump has often proven to be a highly effective operator when he focuses on getting what he wants. That’s exactly what worries left-wing groups and Democrats. Having underestimated him for so long, they now fear he won’t easily be forced to slow down or change course as he moves to overturn their agendas," Fund concluded.


Never Trumpers missed the boat.


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  1. Damn fine column today, Don.

    1. "either he defangs them, or they defang him".

      I don't reckon as Trump would do anything so gauche as to defang the Left, Don.

      Cut their heart out and hand it back to them in a box, maybe. After all, according to Hillary's finest, he spends all his spare time muttering "I am the Angel of Death", right?

    2. Been listening to Mad Dog, he has!

  2. Good metaphor that, "Byzantine".

    But watch out for elite treachery, Manzikert-style.

  3. When Trump walks into the room with all his appointees, he won't claim to be the smartest man in the room, or perhaps even the most accomplished, but he damn will be the one everyone acknowledges is in charge. Every army needs a great general. This country needs a great leader. I'm hoping that person is Trump, because we sure need it to save America.

  4. The never Trumps Helped elect him. They didn't mean to, but they did. People are tired of business as usual.

  5. I wasn't surprised either.

  6. Trump says what he does and does what he says.

  7. My expectations for anyone in power have been so low over the last 8 years (with the exception on Scott Walker and a few other govs) I did not know what to think. I was planning on worst case and even assuming Clinton may not be as bad as Obama. But wow, what a uplifting experience it is to have a true LEADER as president.

    It makes Obama and the rest of the tribalist leftist look like fools along with more than a few repubs. Good job USA.

  8. Yep, Trump's been more misunderestimated than W.

  9. And what's gonna be the most fun is to see DJT taking some arrows for his team as they fundamentally untransform America. He'll still be standing, and people will be like, damn, what was that president's name that preceded him? And everybody will be like, uhh, I don't remember.

  10. Among their many failings, Democrats put scumbag lawyers in charge of almost everything, guaranteeing failure.

    1. Agreed. For most administration leadership jobs, a law degree from Harvard or Yale should be considered a disqualifier.

    2. Law and/or career beaurocrat and/or academician.

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  12. Had this same conversation with my hubby this morning. We're not at all surprised. Trump is doing what he promised in innumerable rallies prior to the election: to assemble the most proficient group of business sharks he could find to advocate for American interests.

    I'm annoyed by the pearl-clutchers who insist that international business interests imply 'globalism'. They do not. Trump has chosen the real embodiment of the American Dream in Tillerson, and others, self-made people, who will work to preserve American opportunities for upcoming generations. (Hubby is delighted that we have an engineer coming in at State!)

    1. Me too. Logic and facts used for a change. Bolton for deputy to clean out State.

    2. Me too. Logic and facts used for a change. Bolton for deputy to clean out State.