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Thursday, December 01, 2016

President Trump receives the hero's welcome in Indiana

Three takes on three breaking presidential stories.

Eight years ago, President Obama made history on the day he was sworn in simply by being the first president who was black.

President Trump aims to make history by his work as president.

From the Daily Mail:
Donald Trump said Thursday in Indianapolis that saving 1,100 jobs at a Carrier air conditioning plant was the result of watching an employee tell a television interviewer that the president-elect had promised to do it.
'No, we're not leaving,' Trump recalled the man saying, as he made his first post-election speech at the company's manufacturing plant, 'because Donald trump promised us that we're not leaving.'
He said he hadn't remembered taking that specific vow – but resolved to help the company avoid moving south of the border when he realized he was wrong.
That man, Will Cornett, said after the speech that he wants Americans 'not to doubt The Donald. You know, he did it once, he can probably do it again.'
Carrier's parent company announced in 2015 that it would shutter the plant and move all its jobs to Mexico. A cellphone video of the announcement went viral, and Trump used it as a constant placeholder for his trade and jobs proposals.
He pledged over and over to charge Carrier and other off-shoring corporations a 35 per cent tariff on products made outside the U.S. and then brought back across the border.
President Trump will be in Cincinnati tonight.

But President Trump, a workaholic, is doing more than shoring up jobs and holding rallies. He is picking Cabinet members.

From CNN:
President-elect Donald Trump has chosen retired Marine Gen. James Mattis as his secretary of defense, a source with knowledge of the transition says.
Mattis, 66, joins a Trump national security team that already includes retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser and Rep. Mike Pompeo as CIA director.
The official announcement is expected early next week.
The retired four-star general, known as "Mad Dog," was lauded for his leadership of Marines in the 2004 Battle of Falluja in Iraq -- one of the bloodiest of the war.
Military experience matters when it comes to national security.

Politico is floating a rumor that Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia may be the next energy secretary. I am not a fan of his but he has experience as a businessman in coal. When he was a back row legislator 20 years ago, he wanted to promote West Virginia as an energy state and pointed out we have coal, natural gas, oil, some hydro, solar and even geothermal energy. He also was an OK governor. He could do the job.

The political angle is that Republicans likely would get his Senate seat in 2018.

President Trump is showing a work ethic that Washington needs. Republicans already added 13 days to the congressional work calendar for next year. OK, it is only 145 days, but it is the thought that matters.


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  1. It's going well! I guess he will have to slow down a bit for Inauguration Day, but then it's pedal to the metal again.

  2. Barack "loose shoes" Obama is supposedly still our president. Out golfing again?

  3. I just spent 5 minutes listening to Mark Levin second-guessing President Trump b/c he is throwing his weight around and violating the tenets of free trade. Man have I gotten sick of listening to that Never Trump lunatic. I don't think this "free trade" term means what he thinks it does. Maybe he needs to have his job outsourced to a talk show radio person in the Philippines before he gets it.

  4. Cornett. Trump. Obviously on the same page of music.

  5. "Mad Dog"?

    Hear that? "PHWOOOSH!"

    That there's the sound of Snowflake Lefties combusting spontaneous.

  6. Some people run for president to do big things. Some run for president to be big people.

    Trump is one kind, Obama is the other.

  7. A number of Democratic names have been floated, especially from the Senate...from Red states. Every Dem he pulls out of the Senate hurts their ability to block him. For the Dems, they can have a job for two more years, or one for four.