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Sunday, December 04, 2016

One in five chance Bill didn't vote for Hillary

OK, that is a little click-baity in the headline but a poll showed 19% of the spouses of female Hillary voters did not bother to vote.

And 5% voted for President Trump.

From PRRI:
About two-thirds (66%) of female Clinton voters said their spouses or partners also supported Clinton, and one in ten said their spouses or partners voted for Trump (5%) or another candidate (5%). Notably, however, about one in five (19%) women who voted for Clinton reported their husband or partner did not vote in the 2016 election.
In contrast, nearly three-quarters (73%) of male Trump supporters said their wife or partner was also supporting the GOP nominee, and few said their spouses or partners voted for Clinton (4%) or another candidate (3%). Thirteen percent of male Trump supporters reported that their wife or partner did not vote.
So there was a 7-point difference in marital harmony. 73% of the Angry White Males who are married are married to an Angry White Female who voted for Trump.

Only 66% of the Love Trumps Hate, Harmonic Convergence, Rainbow-Coalitioning Female-Identifying Hillary supporters who are married are married to a male who voted for Clinton.

The poll also found 81% of the Republicans are excited or satisfied by the election results, while 82% of the Democrats are angry, worried or disappointed.

Hillary took the single-woman vote with ease. That demographic may grow after this election.


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  1. It is beyond my imagination to think about being and remaining married to someone who would vote for the bag lady. I think you are right. There will be more single women soon.

    1. Good one, Doc! Same here. My wife is nowhere near the political junkie I am but we still make a point of sitting down and agreeing on our ballot selections before every vote. I mean, why should your spouse be the one cancelling out your vote? Makes no sense...

  2. Considering how accurate the polls have been this year......

  3. I'm sure that nobody lied to their spouses about how they voted to preserve marital harmony.

    1. Why would they need to? Hillary voters -- female ones in particular -- are readily able to tolerate different points of view.

      Mark S.

  4. Now that Trump's going to be out of the reality show loop, maybe the Clintons can step in.

    "My Wife's A Complete Non-Entity Now, Get Me Off This Damm Island Before She Bobbitt's Me!"

    Can't miss.

  5. Slick Willie knows the nasty bitch better than anyone, and nobody knows who you vote for. ;-)

  6. My vote's for this post as Comment Of The Day!

  7. Worthless Willie was too busy chasing a campaign volunteer to vote.