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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Obama opts to be an ass as ex-president

Obama launched his post-presidency on Friday.

Apparently, he has decided to spend the rest of his life being a partisan ass who will never accept the choice of President Trump to replace him.

This will not go well for Obama.

So far, everybody who  has feuded with President Trump has fared worse for the battle.

From Rosie O'Donnell to Hillary Clinton, many a popular person has become unpopular after entering the Trump Zone.

But Obama merrily skips into the trap.

From the Daily Mail:
President Barack Obama raised the temperature in the U.S. clash with Moscow over what intelligence officials say was interference in the U.S. elections, bluntly vowing to take countermeasures against Russia.
And there is this:
The new threats came as the clash with Russia has jacked up tensions between President-elect Donald Trump and the White House, after a handover process that has been surprisingly cordial, with the two men speaking frequently and Trump even saying he was consulting Obama about cabinet decisions.
Trump weighed in on the subject of hacking yet again on Twitter Friday morning, drawing attention to the substance of the hack – rather than the hacking itself or the threat posed by Russian interference.
'Are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed that head of the DNC illegally gave Hillary the questions to the debate?' Trump wrote. 
He was referencing hacked emails that revealed former CNN commentator Donna Brazile and DNC official stating that she sometimes got an advance look at debate questions and passing information to the Clinton camp before a campaign forum.
On Thursday night, Trump hit at Obama by going after White House press secretary Josh Earnest as 'this foolish guy' – then said without explanation, 'Maybe he is getting his orders from somebody else?'
'You know, having the right press secretary is so important because he's so bad the way he delivers a message. He can deliver a positive message and it sounds bad,' Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania.
'He could say ladies and gentlemen, today we have totally defeated ISIS, and it wouldn't sound good, OK?' Trump said, continuing his hit on Obama's outgoing flak.
I will tell you why Obama does not like Putin: Putin is not a communist.

Obama thought he was.

When it finally dawned on Obama that the Soviet Union perished 17 years before America elected its Obama, he came to hate Putin.

Clearly we are headed for having Obama do everything he can to thwart The Donald.

Obama is a bitter old man at age 55.  His presidency was a nightmare. His legacy -- Obamacare -- will be repealed in a few months.

Unlike Presidents Bush 41 and 43, and Clinton -- all of whom had some failures as presidents -- Obama is not intelligent enough to go gentle into that last goodnight.

Our experiment with an affirmative action presidency was One Big Ass Mistake America.


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  1. I hope Americans will pay as much attention to His Obamaness out of office as they did to Jimmeh after Reagan smoked him in '80. Considering how much more immature the country's become though, I won't hold my breath.

    1. My Money is on This:

      Jan. 22, 2017, two days after trump is sworn in, O is on Every Sunday Show talking smack like a condemned murderer.

    2. Given the number of them, he'll have to pre-record most of them.

  2. Jimmeh at least devoted some of his life to charitable causes.

    My personal prediction for Obama (especially if he does not become President of the U.N.) is that he'll be showing up a lot. Especially on YouTube.

    It will be Obama not Martin Sheen et al who'll be appearing in various PSA-type shorts urging people to get out and vote in state A against proposition B because Republicans want to take away funding/rights/liberties/blah-blah-blah.

    Don't know if it would be effective but it would sure make him seem small.

    1. obozo will have all the credibility of OJ Simpson who is on the hunt for the killer of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman

  3. The emails showed so much - wait there is a squirrel, Russia hacked to help Hillary.

  4. "Obama opts to be an ass as ex-president"

    The ass has got the jawbone for it.

    Those Philistines of the Left should note Trump doesn't cut his hair.

  5. This is exactly right: the globalists hate Russia and Putin because he has restored Christianity, traditional Russian culture, and Western values.

    The Left are all stuck in the past - good catch in pointing out that it took President Obama until his 2nd term to realize that today's Russia ain't the old USSR!

  6. Obama can't help being an ass. It's his nature.

  7. He'll spend the rest of his life jumping up and down, "Hey, it's me! I'm over here!".

  8. Watch the legacy media try to portray Obama as an elder statesman while we all know what a failure at it he was. I look forward to the first instance where he tries to inject himself into an issue. It will also be interesting to see how Trump disposes of him. I could see him being invited to the White House and after waiting for an hour or two being briefed by Pence and told that the President had urgent business.

  9. The Incredible Shrinking President

  10. The poster child for why affirmative action--known on the grounds here as "negative inaction"--should be relegated to the dustbin of history.

  11. Don Surber spells it out, O-B-A-M-A. That deserves a loud :rimshot:

  12. My friends and I have already discussed going down to DC and finding a spot where we could sing:


    We're still kicking it around. Hotel rooms are already hard to find but we may still do it...

    1. What about essential supplies?

      Beer and BBQ for yourselves, a roll of quarters for any Leftard troublemakers.

    2. ZReg, Yours truly resides inside the Beltway and I saw your thoughts about lodging for the inauguration. I am probably way out of line here, but if you want to do it, I think you can get a room here:

      This is not far from the Farm Boy estate, and I could advise further if you like. I had not planned to wander in for the festivities, but you probably could twist my arm. I am not too weird and we'd both have to chance that the other is not a psycho. The Old Towne Motel here is not the Taj Mahal and they won't have a turn-down service with a little chocolate on your pillow. I can imagine that most everything is sold out, but I thought I would make an inquiry for a fellow Surber-ite. I had a relative stay here recently and he thought it was fine. Disregard if you already have this hard wired. That area of N Alexandria has several hotels, pretty good access to DC, I expect that the others are booked.

    3. ZReg, You also should look at the Crowne Plaza Alexandria. This will be a bit more upscale, about the same locale, it would be the hotel of choice for this area IMO. The ULR is too long, it's at 901 N Fairfax St in Alexandria. If there are ladies in your party you will receive compliments and they won't be ready to smack this Farm Boy person.