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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Obama is a great party builder

"Obama: I want to develop 'whole new generation of talent'," read the headline in the Hill.

Great idea.

Barack Obama has been a great party builder.

For Republicans.

When Obama took office, Republicans held 41 seats in the Senate.

When he leaves office in one month, Republicans will hold 52.

When Obama took office, Republicans held 178 seats in the House.

When he leaves office in one month, Republicans will hold 241. (OK, technically 238 as there will be three vacancies with the appointments of three House members to the Cabinet, which rises from one Republican in 2009 to 15 Republicans next month.)

State legislatures have flipped Republican, as have governorships. Democrats had 28 Democratic governors when he took office. That will fall to 17 next month.

Obama did not do this alone. The political sclerosis of the Democratic Party and the failure of its policies to make life better for the middle class and expand their ranks brought the party down.

But let that be a warning to Republicans. They must deliver on President Trump's promises, or face obliteration in two years.

From the Hill:
"That's part of what makes me optimistic about our future because I know those young people are out there ready to lead," he said, "and when they start moving into more and more positions of authority, then I think the issues that I care most deeply about are going to be well served."
When asked if he wanted to be a "talent scout," Obama said he also hopes to be "a coach" and "a friend."
"Somebody who can build on the incredible work that has already been done by young people," he said, "and that to a large degree was responsible for getting me elected."

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  1. I agree that the man who destroyed the Democrats should be the one to direct their rebuilding.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Totally agree, Mikey. This is like an NFL head coach who went 2-14 pounding the podium and saying, But look at those two wins I got! And then thinking he's as good as Belichick. Delusions of grandeur, much, Barack?

    2. Actually, it's called delusions of adequacy.

    3. @zregime: So, you're saying Obama is the Rex Ryan of politics?

    4. Nah, Rex Ryan actually had some success with the Jets---he's really more like the Rich Kotite!

  2. Yep! He really knows how to assemble a team. Uh huh. For sure. No doubt about it. And then there's the phrase, sucking all the oxygen out of the room...

  3. Ask yourself, aside from his own self-promotion, did Little Zero ever accomplish anything in his life?

  4. I'm sure he was an equally great party guy when he was part of the Choom Gang; he was the one who never brought any weed or blow but was always the first when anybody offered it. And then criticized the quality, saying he would've gotten the killer stuff if they'd only listened to him.

  5. If Obama really feels this way, shouldn't he be seeking to be the head of the DNC?

  6. Putting people who have supposedly been taught to question authority into positions of authority. Obama really thinks ahead.

  7. Under Obama the democrats focused solely on social issues, and I guess they proved that social issues as the main platform really is a millstone.

  8. It's probably fair to say that Obama, as America's New Che, will last as long as 1) donors will send checks in to his new Che PAC for Failed Marxists, and 2) he maintains a lease in DC beyond the time of his daughters FTE daycare.

    The duration of both is doubtful.

    He will probably just end up moving to Amarillo and doing a Tin Cup lifestyle because he's got a persistent case of the "Shanks."