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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Media mad that President Trump doesn't need them

President Obama does not like the press. He held one prime-time press conference and it was a disaster. Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times asked a softball question at the end and Obama acted stupidly.

The press loves him.

Reporters have to.

The administration will call their bosses and complain if reporters try anything dangerous, like telling the truth about him.

President Trump, on the other hand, took on all comers for a year. Yes, he openly feuded with reporters, but he held press conference after press conference -- and the media treated him like dirt.

He stopped doing that in July.

He realized he does not need reporters.

He has Twitter.

And boy are the reporters angry.

From Caitlin Huey-Burns:
Trump’s use of Twitter “is a proxy for not having a press conference,” says Nicco Mele, director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, based at Harvard University. “The media is the primary audience of most of his tweets,” she added. “It’s a vehicle where the media doesn’t get to question him but he gets to drive the coverage, in a sense. The tweeting is part of a broader effort to manage the press.”
Don't flatter yourself, honey.

The media is not the primary audience.

17 million followers are.

When he gets the @POTUS handle, he will get another 12 million.

Yes that is right, The Donald has a bigger following than The Loser.

From Huey-Burns:
In an interview with “60 Minutes” days after winning the election, Trump said his Twitter use as president would be “more restrained.” Yet when asked about controversial tweets in a recent phone interview with the “Today” show, Trump asserted that he had already been “very restrained” in his Twitter use.
“I talk about important things,” he said. "Frankly, it's a modern form of communication. ... I get it out much faster than a press release. ... I get it out much more honestly than dealing with dishonest reporters because so many reporters are dishonest."
A Gallup poll in September found the public’s view of the media at a new low. Just 32 percent of Americans say they have a “great deal” or a “fair amount” of trust in the media.
One reason only one in three people trust the media is the way the media trashed President Trump in the election.

Why use such a discredited format to talk to the American people?

From the article:
The transition team says Trump will hold a press conference to address how he will hand over his business next month, but has not revealed any details. The lack of press conferences “get to the fundamental question of accountability,” says the Shorenstein Center’s Nicco Mele. “What responsibilities does the president of the United States have to communicate with the public?”
Oh but he is communicating with the public.


And that is what burns up the media. It can no longer control a Republican president with misleading sound-bites and misrepresentations.

Power corrupts.

The power of the press is no exception.


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  1. "One reason only one in three people trust the media is the way the media trashed President Trump in the election." A second reason is that we've read and listened to the media lying about what they see and what they ignore; and this was well before Trump started campaigning.

  2. It's fun to watch them try to look relevant. News conferences are so 20th century. LOL!

  3. I hope DT will have the energy and time to keep up his rallye schedule after he takes over the reins especially if things go well economically. The presidency is all about being liked and trusted. Without the dark media veil obscuring his actions and blackening his motives his good will and concern will shine out to those who care for him. He should never trust any slave of his corporate and political enemies and I'm sure he won't. Truman was despised by the then Republican press but managed to overcome their animus by riding his Give em hell Express Train around the US, speaking at every stop from the heart. Trump has Twitter and a plane, not a train, but the result will be the same. The media has earned it's low status and will keep it for good because it's hand full of croesian owners have no concern or wish to change it. To them it just isn't important.Their true sources of wealth lie elsewhere

    1. Those Croesan owners would do well to remember how Croesus ended.

  4. And the media had no issue with Hilary not giving press conferences or Obama using his TWO twitter accounts, but hey, without double standards the fake stream media would have none.

  5. I remember the Gates Affair rather vividly. First, the report of a possible burglar was called in to the police by a Harvard University employee, a secretary of some kind if I recall correctly. Second, what is always omitted in the telling is that the University is the owner of that building. Gates' does own not the house. Harvard provides him with it as a place to live as part of his full compensation (on which he SHOULD be paying income tax, but who knows if he does). Further, as I recall the events, Gates was quite upset that someone---a policeman no less!---asked him---a University Professor---for identification and proof that he had a right to be in the house. At that juncture the details of the story get pretty murky, but I was left with the impression from the telling of the story that Gates got on his very high horse and made such a fuss the police decided to cite him for creating a ruckus and being uncooperative. As Obama said, the charges were later dropped when someone (probably at the University under pressure) made it clear to the police that Gates in fact lived in the house and had a right to be in there.

  6. I watched his July presser on FNC and it was maddening that you couldn't hear the questions; I saw it again later on an enemy channel and they included the journo-lists asking the questions, and it was incredible when you heard the bile and literal hatred for DJT that was coming out in their questions. He got some payback when he held his "birther" presser when he opened Trump Intl. in DC and told them he might take questions at the end. It forced them to run it for almost 30 minutes and then at the end he made his statement about His Obamaness and took no questions. I turned to CBS and Minor Garrett looked disgusted for being played, and back on FNC "Campaign Carl" Cameron looked like he'd eaten an especially sour lemon.
    It made the Election Night coverage SOOOO sweet!!

  7. Softball questions for the dems and gotcha questions for repubs. Even with that the dems won't do press conferences and repubs who think it will earn them media points still jump at the chance. Trump doesn't need media points.

  8. The Catholic church got pissed when Protestants cut out the priesthood and started talking directly to God.

    1. No, the Protestants hated the Catholics for being true to the faith.

      And what are all those ministers and reverends for?

  9. Why have a press conference when the "analysts" will make up their own version of what was said?

  10. These idiots have finally found a Republican smart enough to treat them like the enemy.

  11. Video clip appears to be an inane ad--I did not watch to see what she is pimping.