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Monday, December 05, 2016

Make Hillary Time's Person of the Year

By all means, do so.

I am not being snarky. For the sake of its nation, its corporation, and its reputation, Time should name Hillary its Person of the Year.

Memo to Time:

Do it.

Get it all out in the open.

Let the staff praise her like "Saturday Night Live" did in that "Hallelujah" opening. The cast had not been as somber since its first post 9/11 show.

Publish those paeans to her that your staff giddily wrote in anticipation of her coronation.

It's OK.

This award will be therapeutic and profitable. While a plurality of American citizens elected Trump, a plurality of American residents voted for her. They'll buy copies, sure.

This award will cement Hillary's place as a stepping stone for that future First Woman President -- likely a Republican -- who will break that mythical glass ceiling.

This award will finally show the world once and for all the anti-conservative bias of Time-Warner and all its properties, including CNN. Embrace it. In fact, use it as a marketing tool.

No one will be surprised.

You see the big problem with the media is that it lies to the public about its bias. In so doing, the staff of Time and the rest show a contempt for the people they lie to. Americans are insulted. Media credibility is so low it no longer exists except in the heads of a smaller number of people than believe the moon landing was fake.

Come out of the closet.

Show some Caitlyn Jenner courage.

Be who you are.


Trump won't mind. Oh he will Tweet of course. But look what happened to Merkel. After you bypassed The Donald for her a year ago, Germany went to pot.

I do not want that for my country.

Hillary is a good choice all the way around. Her life cannot get worse, and America will be spared the Curse of Time's Person of the Year.

Readers can vote for her here.


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  1. That should be interesting. It would be like opening up a conservative shooting gallery (with rubber suction cup darts, of course). "Step right up and take a shot at Hillary, Time's Woman of the Year!" Then stand back and let the conservative commentariat commence. - Elric

    1. Actually, there is a site where you can "slap" Hillary. It's been around for years in one version or another. (I think David Horowitz started the first one.) Just google "slap Hillary" and it will pop up.

  2. Cronyism in press, politics, and capitalism. Sure. Makes sense to nominate the crone.

  3. I voted for Beyonce! Becuz I'm feeling' the guiltz...

  4. The devotion to Hillary Clinton is puzzling to me.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. "Puzzling?" To me it's unfathomable. - Elric

    2. If you want to understand the events of 2016, recall that, just before this election, weed was legalized.

  5. Bring it on! I've been laughing so hard and often at this Lib lunacy lately that I may have to run out to Dollar General and buy a box of Depends. And how's the market doin today, Time? You blind guides...

  6. I want to pick the photo, a nice head shot er photo. That will increase its utility out in the country.

  7. It might even make people care who Person of the Year is.

  8. You said Time was anti-conservative. That's an understatement. It has been anti-American since I started reading it in the 1960's. I quit in the 1980's.

  9. Grace and dignity? Strange definition....