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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Macy's drops Planned Parenthood

Macy's may be run by an SJW and not a CEO, but management is catching on.

On July 17, 2015, Macy's stock hit an all-time high of $72.31 a share.

The it dropped Trump, but kept Planned Parenthood.

From HNGN:
Macy's was quick to sever all ties with Donald Trump after the Republican presidential candidate expressed controversial views on immigration during his campaign announcement, but critics of the company's move are pointing out that the mega-retailer has been silent on another hotly contested political issue – fetal tissue specimens.
Planned Parenthood has been under fire recently due to undercover videos released by The Center for Medical Progress that show two members of the organization’s executive management team allegedly negotiating prices for fetal body parts and tissue donations. A third, heavily edited, video that shows a Planned Parenthood official talking about pre-organ pricing was released on Tuesday. Reps for The Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion organization that filmed the undercover videos, have said they plan on releasing ten to twelve similar videos that illustrate their contention that Planned Parenthood is making a profit from the illegal sale of fetal body parts and tissue.
By summer's end, the stocks was worth $52.19 a share.

By Christmas Eve 2015, Macy's stock was down to $34.87.

Ho ho ho.

The stock climbed back up to $44.14 this Thanksgiving.

It may go higher.

From Life Site News this hour:
After today, pro-life customers can resume shopping at Macy’s — which had been on a list of corporate contributors to the Planned Parenthood abortion company for some time. But today representatives of a pro-life group that tracks corporate donations to the Planned Parenthood abortion organization says Macy’s has ended his relationship with it.
“In the spirit of thankfulness and celebration that comes this time of year, we have a special update to share with you,” Lance Wray of the pro-life group 2nd Vote told in an email.
“You may remember how four companies (AT&T, Coca-Cola, Ford, and Xerox) publicly distanced themselves from Planned Parenthood last year after our research exposed forty-one companies with direct financial ties to the abortion giant,” he elaborated. “Well, we are happy to report that we can take another company off that list—Macy’s, who confirmed with 2ndVote last week that they no longer give nor match donations to Planned Parenthood.”
“We wanted to share this great news with you because the credit is due to our 2ndVote members who have engaged Macy’s and other companies for their position on the Life issue. This victory wouldn’t have been possible without your involvement,” Wray said.
This latest development comes in the wake of undercover videos that showed Planned Parenthood executives talking about the sale of fetal body parts. Planned Parenthood is facing both federal and state investigations—and the possibility of losing taxpayer funding.
Less social justice warring should mean more business.


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  1. If we make selling baby parts illegal what will the Democrats use for their pizza toppings?
    We need gun control so we can save the toddlers and late term abortions so we can kill the babies.
    Whenever someone finds out that I hunt in a conversation and asks me if I eat what I kill, I ask them if they've ever asked that of someone who has had or performs abortions. When they ask me why I'd ask such a thing I say that my assumption was that they asked since they are probably opposed to killing for sport, and if they also thought that killing for sport fucking might be wrong, too.

  2. Planned Parenthood served a real purpose once upon time a long, long time ago. Been nothing but an abortion mill the last 20 years. Cut federal funding altogether.

  3. I'm still not going back to Macy's. The last time I was in one with my wife, before Trump declared as a candidate, a bunch of people were screaming at each other in Spanish with ten kids crying. No more. That seems to be the clientele they want.

  4. PP crossed over from charity to political activism a long time ago. CEOs have no business dispensing company funds to such organizations. What they do with their own money is their business; they can donate their own money to whomever they wish. But businesses in a free society like ours should remain scrupulously neutral when it comes to politics. The Left may have hallucinations that Trump is Hitler and is about to turn America into a fascist hell, but reality is another matter entirely..


    1. Petus, great post. The business of America is business. Silent Cal.

  5. Too soon old, too late smart...but they did get smart. And NOT in the Cone Of Silence.

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