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Friday, December 16, 2016

Lynch legacy blocks Obama

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has nixed President Obama's plan to give massive pardons to illegal aliens, the Daily Express in England reported.

From the Daily Express:
Democrats had repeatedly called on the Obama administration to grant a pardon to thousands of young undocumented immigrants - known as DREAMers - before Donald Trump takes office.
Since the election in November, House Democrats have urged Mr Obama to pardon children of illegal immigrants registered for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (or DACA). 
Immigration policy is expected to change once President-elect Trump begins his reign.
During his campaign, he vowed to build a wall at the Mexican border and deport all illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.
Mr Obama himself has long argued that children of illegal immigrants should be spared from deportation.
However, Mrs Lynch quickly rejected any chance of a mass pardon before Mr Trump gains power.
She said: "The issue of pardoning someone is an individual decision that is made on a case-by-case basis.
"So, there is no framework or regulatory framework that allows for a pardon for a group en masse."
Mr Obama has granted a record number of clemency petitions during his time in office.
Obamacare will end soon.

Now this.

Obama's chief accomplishment will be the election of President Trump -- just as Carter led to President Reagan's election.


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  1. What part of "illegal" do these people not understand? If someone is in the U.S. illegally they need to be locked up and deported at the first opportunity. It may be sad that some children were illegally brought here by their parents, but they're still here illegally. - Elric

    1. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona had a solution for the cost and ability of imprisoning large numbers of criminal that could be applied to the captured illegals. Build camps, similar to the (unconstitutional) interment camps for those of Japanese ancestry during WWII for those who illegally enter our country. Good place for them as they wait for their admin hearings per the SCOTUS ruling instead of being released into the US with a PLEDGE to return for the hearing. My, our government is stupid.

  2. I remember when Carter pardoned all the draft dodgers. But pardoning illegal immigrants is not the same as granting them citizenship.

  3. I can't wait for 0's presser at 2:15 EST.
    I fear it will be_"I have launched a nuclear attack on Moscow-I'm going to Hawaii."
    His inauguration gift to Trump.

  4. If the so-called Dreamers get a presidential pardon from Obama for being in the US illegally, that doesn't automatically grant them the right to stay. It just means they can't be prosecuted for having come here illegally. However, if they fail to return to their country of origin but remain in the US, they are committing a second crime for which they can be deported. Consider a simpler but legally identical case. 1) A person enters the US illegally but all criminal charges are waived (in effect, he is pardoned) and he is deported. 2) He illegally enters the US again, thus committing a second crime for which he can be charged and deported.

    This business of issuing pre-emptive presidential pardons needs to stop. There are several historical precedents, I know (e.g., the presidential pardon extended to Confederate soldiers after the Civil War and Ford's pardon of Nixon, who was convicted of no crime), but it is a very bad practice. A pardon should be given only after court proceedings have resulted in a conviction, as was the case of Bush's pardon of Scooter Libby, where Bush insisted that legal proceedings had to culminate in a conviction first.

  5. I'm curious whether the US President can "pardon" an unindicted foreign national. Pardoning a US citizen is one thing, but how would he have jurisdiction over people who are citizens of other countries & who haven't been tried and convicted of a crime?

    1. Good point Tina...of course, with progressives its all about emotions and little to do with legality.

    2. If a foreign national commits a crime in the US, he can be prosecuted for that crime regardless of his nationality, the only possible exception being diplomatic personnel, but even there the diplomat's country has the option of waiving immunity if the crime is serious enough and the US is insistent enough. If a foreign national can be tried in a US court for a crime he commits within US jurisdiction, then surely the president can pardon him. It's not an issue.