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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kurds like Trump

Reuters found a new restaurant in the Kurdish part of northern Iraq.

Trump Fish.

From Reuters:
The newest enterprise bearing Donald Trump's name is not a five-star hotel or an exclusive golf club. It is a restaurant in northern Iraq serving fire-roasted carp for $10 a kilo which the U.S. president-elect probably doesn't even know exists.
Trump Fish, whose logo features the businessman-turned-politician's distinctive yellow mane, opened about 10 days ago in the Kurdish city of Duhok, an hour's drive from the latest battle against Islamic State militants in Mosul.
Owner Nedyar Zawity says he registered the Trump name months ago with Kurdish authorities. The 31-year-old entrepreneur insists the branding is more about turning a profit than endorsing politics, but he likes Trump's strong personality and reputation as a successful businessman.
While the story downplayed Trump's politics, it is for sure that Trump's capitalism is a major reason why the Kurds are flocking to a restaurant named after one American president not far a battle zone created by another American president who was too cowardly to do his job as commander-in-chief and keep U.S. troops in Iraq.

More from Reuters:
He appreciates the president-elect's promise to ramp up support to the Kurds and their peshmerga fighters, a sensitive proposition in a country where competing pro-government forces vie for Western backing.
"I personally love Trump for this," Zawity told Reuters. "The name Trump is beloved in Kurdistan."
Funny how people in the middle of a battlefield thousands of miles from the United States get Trump but people in the nation's capital don't.

By the way, Nedyard Zawity is not the only man to say he loves Donald Trump this week. Jim Brown did too.

The world is changing, and President Trump is leading the way.


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  1. The Kurds are in a tight spot being stuck in between and among Iran, Turkey, and Syria. The Peshmerga are the only competent fighters in the region. That's the only reason they haven't been eliminated already. They're fighting for survival. I'm for supporting them if only for the reason that they're a thorn in the side of everyone trying to kill them. - Elric

  2. Pretty much the only ethnic group without their own country/state.

  3. Shouldn't Trump negotiated a licensing agreement for use of his name? It's an open and shut case ... but of course he will not sue thanks to the PR disaster it would be. Having to forego the suit is one of the stranger results of Trump's conflicts.