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Monday, December 19, 2016

It is WikiLeaks, not WikiHack

Media outlets irresponsibly continue to push stories that the Russians hacked the election. Recounts in the three closest states President Trump won show the elections were not rigged.

As gar as the thousands of internal emails from the Clinton campaign and the DNC obtained by WikiLeak, Julian Assange said an insider leaked them.

Besides, the media spent September and October largely ignoring the scandal in favor of covering what Donald Trump said to a beauty pageant winner who had quickly ballooned up to Miss Piggy size rendering her useless as a promotional tool.

This year saw the most superficial, nasty, and fortunately ineffective campaign coverage by the news media of a presidential race in my lifetime.

And now there is this Fake News about Russia stealing the election.

Zero Hedge proved it to be a false narrative:
Last week, German security officials said that Russia hacked secret German communications and provided them to Wikileaks (English translation).
But now, German officials say that the communications were likely leaked from an insider within the German parliament, the Bundestag (English translation).
Similarly, when a treasure trove of secret NSA tools were revealed, Russian hackers were initially blamed.
But it turns out that it was probably a leak by an NSA insider.
So claims that Russia is behind any specific hacking incident need to be taken with a grain of salt.
A group of high-level former American intelligence officials – including the man who designed the NSA’s global surveillance system (Bill Binney), a 27-year CIA officials who personally delivered the daily briefing to both Democratic and Republican presidents (Ray McGovern) , and others – say that the Democratic Party emails were not hacked, but were actually leaked by insiders.
The CIA bureaucracy is a Democratic Party operation that tried to get Karl Rove indicted and Dick Cheney impeached over that Valerie Plame incident.


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  1. If Assange says it wasn't the Russians, it wasn't the Russians. The layers of corruption within the Obama regime are wide and deep. Which is why Donald picked so many businessmen to axe these corrupt MFers. Update your resumes, MFers.

  2. Executive order 20 JAN 17:
    "Anyone who leaves the government after 28 FEB 17 cannot lobby for five years"
    Watch them rush out the doors.

    1. Brilliant, Big D. Would you consider a job heading the Office of Personnel Management? Maybe DJT would let you work from home in Poca.

    2. ZReg, Under the "obama is an ass..." post I shared some thoughts about DC lodging if you want to make a run at it. I am a resident and would advise as you like. I can imagine the lodging is getting tight but I made a quick look and found a couple of prospects near Reagan airport that probably would be a good bet. I'll keep dialed into Don's site here, let me know if I can help. good luck. FB

    3. "Office of Personnel Management"

      Can just see Don's approach to that.

      "Knock, knock"

      "Who's there?"

      "Not you anymore, Snowflake."

  3. And pass the Reynolds Revolving Door Excise Tax and watch the fur fly.

  4. The meme that the Russians hacked the Dems is, I am beginning to suspect, agenda-driven domestic misinformation that is being peddled by our domestic and foreign intelligence agencies, who may be engaged in a coverup of their own nefarious domestic spying activities. Congress and the media have latched onto this notion about Russian hacking for reasons that escape me. But whatever their reasons, we should be afraid if our own intelligence agencies are meddling into domestic politics and neither the media nor Congress see fit to acknowledge or call for an investigation into such prohibited activities. Three states, in fact, now claim publicly their election systems may have been hacked by the DHS. That's a damned scary thought. Why is Congress so busy stewing over the poorly substantiated claims of Russian hacking when possible domestic hacking by the DHS---our own government--- would represent an even greater danger?

    1. The Praetorian guard likes to decide who gets to be emperor.

  5. I wish there was an up-vote button for the comments today by NamGrunt, pyottr, and Old and Unimproved Dave. All three get my virtual up-vote for their comments on this item.