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Thursday, December 22, 2016

"Hate crimes" are hoaxes until proven true

That report of a black man burning a black church and trying to blame his arson on Trump voters was the last straw.

I call on the Associated Press to stop pushing this Fake News.

Until someone is apprehended, let us assume no "hate crime" was committed -- especially when the Associated Press bends over backward not to link Muslims to very real Muslim terrorism.

By promoting these hoaxes, the Associated press and other news organizations reward liars.

Liberals have gotten away with silencing conservatives with Fake News for nearly thirty years. The victims of these Fake News hoaxes invariably are white males. Tawana Brawley said white cops gang raped her. Crystal Mangum said white lacrosse players at Duke gang raped her. "Jackie" said fraternity brothers at Virginia gang-raped her.

These three liars never spent a minute in prison for their false police reports.

And news organizations never apologized -- except Rolling Stone, and then only after a libel suit was filed.

In every case, the Associated Press helped turn the events into a national circus.

Innocent men had their lives ruined by these hoaxes.


From the Associated Press:
A Mississippi man with a prior criminal record was arrested Wednesday in the burning of an African-American church that was spray-painted with the words "Vote Trump," and the church's bishop said the man is a member of the congregation.
The state fire marshal said investigators do not believe the fire was politically motivated, but there a signs it may have been done to appear that way.
Andrew McClinton, 45, of Leland, Mississippi, is scheduled to make an initial court appearance Thursday in Greenville — the city where Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was burned and vandalized Nov. 1, a week before the presidential election.
McClinton is charged with first degree arson of a place of worship, said Warren Strain, spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.
The church was identified as African-American, but the man was not?

It is time to take journalism seriously. Reporters need to read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."


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  1. It's Crystal Mangum, Don, not "Magnum". Auto-correct is the culprit. You need to override it. I also saw it in a much earlier post of yours, but I let it pass then since it was obvious to me the typo was imposed not written.

    1. Thanks. My proofreader quit this week...

    2. Let them keep it up. Just more proof they're worthless.

    3. You have a proof reader for your bourbon bottles, Don?

      Such class, man.

  2. "Real" news - that is, the Truth - is anathema to the mainstream media. I don't look for them to change anytime soon unless it is to change for the worse. They are beyond any hope or reason. - Elric

  3. When the party affiliation, race, or religion is NOT mentioned, one naturally assumes the identity was left out on purpose, what that purpose is, and the identity of the perp.

  4. We need to hammer these clowns at every opportunity. A guy at work told me that he believed in "global warming" because he had heard so much about it in the news. I told him that President Hillary can fix it then.

  5. As I'm sure you know, Don, AP has been pulling similar crap for a couple of decades now. I get really frustrated when our local daily, otherwise a pretty fair paper, runs AP articles with deceptive BS in them. One of their favorite tricks is burying the race of a criminal near the end of the article, if they publish it at all. They know how many people don't get past the headline.

  6. Also, the Matthew Sheppard case was a drug deal gone bad, and had nothing to do with his being gay. Your point is 100% spot on, assume b.s. by default.

  7. In fact it seems the primary result of hate crime legislation is all the ways the media uses it to prosecute straight white men in the court of public opinion.

  8. Taking a cue from the gambler, they are out of Aces. (also Kings, queens, jacks and anything else of limited value.)
    We haven't been able to rust the press for a long time. Seems I heard the last honest reporter got let go a while back.

    1. "We haven't been able to rust the press "

      For once, autocorrect got it right.

      No more zinc for you, MSM hacks!

    2. LOL "No more zinc for you, MSM hacks!"

      Good cold type reference :-)

  9. Excellent post. Shared onto Facebook and GAB as well as Google+
    This really is a last straw. No more. There is no "hate crime" and all laws pretending so need to be repealed and abolished. Even with the law they can hardly find any so criminals make them up.