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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Aleppo slaughter or propaganda?

Oh, the press knows it is being played. BBC and CNN are pro-Islamic State.


  1. How pathetic. And how obvious. Remember the "Green Helmet Guy" from the conflict in southern Lebanon? I'm not sure exactly what they want to do by this kind of propaganda. As far as I'm concerned I think we should just let them fight each other until they get tired of it or there is nobody left. My give a $--t meter on this is registering zero. And we surely need to keep this kind of people out of the U.S. This is just how they are. - Elric

  2. Two things.
    1. Someone researched this "little girl's" account and found that after it was set up she was immediately followed by a reporter from Al-Jazeera.
    2. A few years ago I was in Istanbul and was warned about refugees from Syria. These dudes are the slickest operators you have ever seen. Natural con men. It's amazing. I just got into a conversation with a guy and the next thing you know I'd bought some stuff I didn't need. If they are so talented with the small con, they are surely capable of bigger stuff.

  3. Sometimes the "news" is massaged, and sometimes it's massaged with a 20-pound hammer.

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