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Thursday, December 15, 2016

About that "hate crime" against a reporter

As I write the sequel to "Trump the Press," I am discovering once again all is not what it seems. I decided to remove one passage about alleged anti-Semitic death threats against a reporter.


Because the reporter likely lied.

First, the passage in question:
Just calling Trump to Hitler was not enough. Reporters tried to connect Trump to anti-Semitism. Julia Ioffe wrote an unflattering profile in GQ of Melania Trump. Ioffe wrote about Melania’s father, Viktor Knavs, fathering a son out-of-wedlock in 1965, as well as a tax evasion charge that was later expunged from his record.
Ioffe filed a complaint with police in Washington, D.C., that she was the subject of anti-Semitic death threats from Trump supporters after the story appeared. 
Now why would I do that?

Because I now have every reason to believe she made this "hate crime" up.

Politico fired this woman yesterday after she tweeted "Either Trump is f*****g his daughter or he's shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?"

Ioffe had already given notice that she was joining Atlantic, which has no qualms about hiring her.

President Trump is not taking this crap from the press.

Got News reported: "President-elect Donald J. Trump’s inner circle will be cutting off access to David Bradley’s Atlantic magazine after a disgusting tweet by one of its new hires, Julia Ioffe, a highly-placed source has confirmed to GotNews."

“This was not a first-time thing,” the Trump source told GotNews, pointing to “conspiracy theories” written by Atlantic senior editor David Frum about Trump world’s ties to Russia.
“It’s a far left-wing magazine that’s about as relevant as the New Republic. We’re getting pretty tired of them calling us anti-Semites while they write hit pieces against our Jewish staffers.”
The anonymous staffer who spoke to GotNews also pointed to the recent hiring of BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins, who circulated a discredited rumor that Breitbart News was backed by Trump and who had a reputation of embellishing or making up stories against Trump during the 2016 cycle.
The wilding by the press must end. In March, a reporter filed a false allegation of battery against Corey Lewandowski, after going on Good Morning America -- run by Clinton campaign spokesman George Stephanopoulos -- to air her preposterous tale. Video later cleared Lewandowski.

Given that hate crime hoaxes continue against Trump supporters -- Yasmin Seweid being one of the few to be uncovered as a hoaxer -- I cannot in good conscience lend any credence to these cries of wolf. 

Let me make it clear, death threats should result in jail time. I also oppose anti-Semitism. But I will be darned if I will allow myself to fall for these vicious, nasty fools who smear Trump supporters like that.


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  1. today lies and audacity make money while truth and moderation don't. It is no longer rational to immediately believe anything from a media source.

  2. Looking back we were lied into the war with Spain, the first and second European wars and the war with Japan. The wars with Korea and VietNam would never have happened and we were lied to about them, too.
    Now the same bastards want our sons to die in a war with Russia, a fellow Christian country, with whom we have no beef whatsoever.
    Yeah. Big media has made a thoroughgoing skeptic out of me.

  3. NK invaded SK, and NVN invaded SVN, so those wars were already happening, before we involved ourselves. Did we have to, and should we have are open to question. The war with Japan: how were we lied into that?

    The ATLANTIC is a leftist rag, and has been for some time.

    1. Publications on the left having financial issues are hiring self proclaimed hacks and the foul mouthed probably to drive revenue. Perhaps they hope for the same show packing effects freaks used to have in carnivals. Cutting edge analysis or Shavian wit no longer pays.

    2. Yes, Japan was unnecessarily aggressive in the East. But a build up on our part in the PI and better support of China could've forestalled things getting out of hand. FDR wanted us in the European war so badly he practically invited the Japanese to do what they were doing.

    3. Better support of China...what, like saying "Sorry you had a million people killed in Nanking and Chunking?" People focus on molehill events about FDR wanting to be in a war with Japan, Germany. Many of the incidents described are, indeed, true. But wiping one's hands as one walks away saying "See? There was never anything to worry about here" neglects the obvious fact that those countries were going to continue to behave as they had been behaving the previous decade. That doesn't go away. I disagree with Pat Buchanan's take that we somehow could have engineered events so that the Axis and Stalin could have wiped out even more of each other without us taking a scratch, but at least he looks to forward actions rather than just turning away and saying "movie's over!" Hating FDR is not a sufficient schema for understanding the 20th C.

  4. Glad to see a penalty for a company hiring such a small minded idiot.

  5. There must be an appropriate punishment for these scams. Our justice system is inadequate because all it does is give them free publicity for their “cause.” I would prefer something like hot tar and feathers. It takes a while to regrow a few layers of skin, and they should be loath to undergo the process a second time. That is, unless they’re masochists, which it seems many of them are. Some people live to be victims. - Elric

  6. I am happy to see the incoming Trump administration punching back twice as hard.

  7. I take comfort in believing that these Liberal Jews will have one last chance with Christ on Judgment Day, most all of them will blow it and even denounce Him, at which point they will be cast into the Lake of Fire. What abhorrent people they are.

  8. Whenever I see a story in the press/TV that claims a hate crime against someone, my very first thought is that it is bogus. I will stay thinking that way until someone is actually charged with a crime. Way too many false flag activities

  9. I am still hoping Trump will direct his press officer to move press briefings out of the White House and instead to the Executive Office Building. The White House press corps loves to claim they have access to the White House. It would be much less impressive for their big egos if they only had access to the EOB instead of the WH.

  10. I know it's widely believed that FDR somehow intended Pearl Harbour as a way of getting the US into the war, but I've been reading on the subject recently and it's not quite the case.

    FDR was certainly sympathetic to the British and hostile to Hitler, but he didn't think public opinion backed him, and he didn't want war. (Wanting war is very different from considering war unavoidable, and he feared it might be.) He didn't want war with the Japanese at all, but he did think they were being unreasonable, and he was convinced they would back down if he was firm enough. Japan had consistently taken the view that it could not win a sustained war against the US and could risk war only if could be sure the war would be limited, so FDR's belief wasn't unreasonable.

    But it was nonetheless wrong. He didn't appreciate that his undeclared naval war against Germany in the Atlantic had led the Japanese to think that, if they could knock out the US Pacific fleet, the US would have no resources with which to stop them from seizing their objectives, and too many commitments in the Atlantic to be able to drive them out once they were dug in. And of course he never imagined that the Japanese could actually knock out the fleet. The Japanese government themselves didn't really believe it, but thought they might as well let Yamamoto give it a try.

    And in any event, there was no reason to think that war with Japan would involve the US in the European war, and every reason to think it would make such involvement impossible. Japan's alliance with Germany was directed exclusively against the Soviets, and in any event didn't require German action, as the Japanese had just demonstrated the other way round by refusing to join Germany in the war against Russia. If simply declaring war on Germany was politically impossible, as FDR considered it to be, declaring war on Germany while being plunged into a war with Japan was unthinkable. If FDR really had the goal of entering the European war, then war with Japan was one obvious way of frustrating it, and he would have wanted to avoid war with Japan, not bring it on.

    I'm not going to pretend that American policy before the war was some model of excellence; it failed spectacularly. But it was a disgraceful failure, not some devious success. And it didn't bring the US into the European war, and couldn't have been expected to. People saw Hitler either as reasonable statesman or as evil genius. No one had yet imagined that he might the kind of idiot lunatic who declares war on the USA just for the fun of it. And yet that is what he did, and that's the only reason the US entered the European war.

  11. Speaking of death threats, what about all of the death threats against Republican electors?