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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ending Obamacare means 52 million uninsurable Americans?

The Kaiser Family Foundation has been the among the biggest lobbyists for federal control of the health industry. Often described as non-partisan, the fact is its research is tilted toward this goal.

In the run up to Obamacare, it said 47 million Americans were uninsured,

That was a lie. The figure covered people people who were without health insurance even briefly over the last year, as well as people who did not want health insurance.

Now its new lie: Dropping Obamacare will mean the end of insurance to 52,240,000 million Americans.


That's what the foundation said:
We estimate that 27% of adult Americans under the age of 65 have health conditions that would likely leave them uninsurable if they applied for individual market coverage under pre-ACA underwriting practices that existed in nearly all states.
While a large share of this group has coverage through an employer or public coverage where they do not face medical underwriting, these estimates quantify how many people could be ineligible for individual market insurance under pre-ACA practices if they were to ever lose this coverage. This is a conservative estimate as these surveys do not include sufficient detail on several conditions that would have been declineable before the ACA (such as HIV/AIDS, or hepatitis C).
Additionally, millions more have other conditions that could be either declinable by some insurers based on their pre-ACA underwriting guidelines or grounds for higher premiums, exclusions, or limitations under pre-ACA underwriting practices. In a separate Kaiser Family Foundation poll, most people (53%) report that they or someone in their household has a pre-existing condition.

52 million people will lose their insurance?

Where did they go for health insurance before Obamacare? While many of them indeed were not insured, most were insured before this happened.

At least 85% of Americans had health insurance before Obamacare. That's based on the 47 million figure, which would be 15% of the population.

And post-Obamacare that figure will drop to 73%?

(100% minus 27% leaves 73%.)

I do not ordinarily call people liars, but yes, they are a-lying.

They know better.

They are painting a worst case scenario. The weasel words do not matter because we know where Kaiser is coming from.

At best the numbers should be an estimate, but instead of giving estimates -- say 25% to 30% -- foundation officials give an exact figure: 25%, and an exact number 52,240,000.

This is done to scare people.

Not explained is why we would not simply go back to the 85% figure we had before Obamacare.

Also, why would every health insurer in the country shun a potential market of 52,240,000 people?

Health insurance is a bet between you and a company in which you bet you will get sick and the company bets you won't. The company jacks up the odds. The more likely you will get sick, the higher your premium.

As long as a company can make money, it will insure you. Progressive Auto insurance began by covering drunk drivers. The truly uninsurable can always be covered by the government -- say Medicaid, which already exists.

President Trump's mandate is to repeal all the bad parts of Obamacare (mandatory coverage and mandatory coverage of anyone who works 30 hours or more a week) while keeping the popular parts (college students covered by parents until 26). In addition, Republicans will offer the Health Savings Accounts, and allow health insurers to cross state lines, and some other stuff.

This could have been part of Obamacare all along.

President Obama said my way or the highway.

Now he hits the highway.

And tax-exempt corporations like Kaiser who enabled him should go as well.


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  1. I thought that was what IdiotCare was supposed to fix.

  2. Don, will you join my protest when pregnancy coverage is ripped away from us men? Who will be there for us?

    1. His Obamaness' butthurt pajama boy brigade, that's who.

    2. And...Breast Pumps! I never got one!!111!!

    3. Sam, as a man you're not entitled to a breast pump, but out of gender fairness you should be entitled to a penis pump. Did you get yours? Did you even ask for it?

  3. I kept asking about the original 42 mil number when they touted 10 mil. What a crock.

  4. They exaggerate this the same way they talk about gun deaths, yet how many of us know that this year's there were more heroin deaths than gun deaths?

  5. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." - British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli

    - Elric

    1. Government lies are all three simultaneously.

  6. The pre-ACA figure of uninsured is seared, SEARED! I tell you, in my mind, and it was 32 million, not 47 million. However, Don has resources at his fingertips and keyboard that I do not have, so I will accept the 47 million figure he has quoted above.

    In any case, most people that I know don't want real health INSURANCE; they want paid health CARE, where every single doctor or hospital visit is paid for (less a possible small co-payment) rather than having financial coverage in the case of catastrophic illness. Universal paid health insurance for catastrophic illness is probably doable within governmental budget constraints, but universal paid health care is expensive. If the national consensus is that each American is entitled to the best care available regardless of his personal resources, such costs cannot be avoided. It then becomes a question of who pays: the government, individual Americans and their families, or the health care industry? As Americans, are we all in this together? Or is this something to be decided by luck, genetics, and personal responsibility? I don't know the answer. Do you?

    1. Normal for our social / political discussions to not even address real situations. I agree- we say Insurance.. what good is that if it does not cover your health care needs? But universal Care is not happening. Like VA health care. So it goes back to politicl posturing and shouting.

  7. I think they pull the numbers out of their butts.

    1. Where there's a never-ending supply.

  8. You head over to the kitchen for making your self a warm cup of Joe in a wish that the brain would truly to the office is putting off you.