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Friday, November 18, 2016

President Trump should keep his business

President Trump is worth $10 billion, much of it is tied up in real estate.

The Wall Street Journal today in an editorial demanded that President Trump hold a fire sale by selling off everything he owns in the next 73 days.

Why does the Wall Street Journal hate capitalism?

From the editorial:
The Trump Family Political Business
The left is already teeing this up as a daily target. Answer: liquidate.
One reason 60 million voters elected Donald Trump is because he promised to change Washington’s culture of self-dealing, and if he wants to succeed he’s going to have to make a sacrifice and lead by example. Mr. Trump has so far indicated that he will keep his business empire but turn over management to his children, and therein lies political danger.
Blah, blah, blah.

The left?

The Wall Street Journal DEMANDS that President Trump appease the left?

That is not the American way.

When George Washington accepted the job as president no one in their right mind DEMANDED that he liquidate Mount Vernon.

President Trump already sacrificed for his country. He donated up to $100 million to his campaign. On top of that, he sacrificed potential earnings that, by the end of his first term, should easily top $1 billion. Economists call this opportunity cost.

Why does the Wall Street Journal hate capitalism? Does  its editorial board (one member publicly stated he wanted Hilary to win 50 states) now consist of Social Justice Warriors?

I thought his enemies in the press and the Democratic Party would ruin him if he lost.

Now these blowhards are trying to ruin him even though he won.

When she became Secretary of State, no one on the Left DEMANDED Missus Clinton liquidate her foundation? And that was a criminal enterprise.

Stay the course, President Trump.


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  1. Anyone remember anybody asking Hillary to disband the Clinton Foundation when she became secretary of state? Did Washington sell Mount Vernon (one of the most expensive farms in the South)?
    Let's go all the way. Senators outperform the market by 12%. How about making it illegal for anyone in government to invest anything while in office and make it a capital offense if they or any proxy are caught doing so.
    Of course, this is absurd. Just like the WSJ.

  2. And, in other news, the WSJ has just endorsed Bernard Madoff for SecTreas. Hahaha. Those idiots..

  3. Just another irrelevant waste of tree pulp trying to look important. Sine Trump isn't taking his salary, maybe the congress should follow suit. I imagine sweet Nancy could afford it.

  4. Isn't the reply to the WSJ obvious?

    "You first."

  5. The WSJ really hates him! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    BUMMER for the WSJ. Maybe not yet, but the NYT better watch out for the competition.

  6. I demand the presidential salary, minus one dollar per year. Thanks, I'll send my address.

  7. Starting the blog post with a lie is not helpful. Donald Trump claims his worth is $10 billion but he has never provided proof of that number. Fortune Magazine, with 40 or so years of following the Donald's "fortunes," determined his net worth to be $3.92 billion back in May. More recently, Forbes puts his worth at $3.7 billion - down $800 million from last year.

    And of course, you have no proof that "no one demanded George Washington liquidate Mount Vernon". And what difference does it make now or ever, as to what the net worth of Hillary Clinton was as SecState?

    In modern times, American presidents have assigned the administration of their assets to a blind trust adminstrator to oversee and protect the values of the assets. So a manager is hired to see that real estate operations continue in a business-like manner. When the presidency ends in four-years the blind trust is dissolved and Trump is again in the real estate business, provided that dementia hasn't yet set-in.

    1. Winners are grinners, and the rest can please themselves.

    2. You are a piece of filth.

    3. Hillary didn't put hers in one.

    4. Hey look! gadfly recovered from the election and is back to troll us again. All cried out are you? Hey gadfly. Your side lost! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    5. Recovered from her one week drunken stuporous crying jag.

    6. I am sure we would have heard if someone told Washington to liquidate his assets. Obama didn't create a blind trust. LBJ started the tradition. Sounds like it's voluntary.

  8. I sure hope President Trump trashes the Democrat media as much in office as he did on the stump. They sure deserve it, and his base will applaud.

  9. I sure hope President Trump trashes the Democrat media as much in office as he did on the stump. They sure deserve it, and his base will applaud.

  10. What seems to have escaped the Left is that they have been supplanted by a new -ism.


  11. Ah yes that Wall Street Journal who said Trump needed to lose, and lose big. That one that criticizes his every move, and drips every article with condescension irrespective of the fact that due to Trump we have the biggest Republican majorities state and federal in a hundred years.

    The old paradigm right vs left does not apply. It is America vs the Globalists (and WSJ is decidedly Globalist).

  12. Oh come on. The first thing Trump will do as president is try to pass a law that exempts golf courses and country clubs from paying all income taxes. So of course he has to sell everything. WSJ = Idiots.