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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Why didn't Obama do what a liberal DEMANDS President Trump do?

Foon Rhee of the Sacramento Bee on Friday DEMANDED that President Trump "narrow racial gaps in schools."

From Foon Rhee:
There is understandable fear in the land among many African American and Latino families about a Donald Trump presidency.
It’s not just incidents of racism and hate; it’s what his policies will mean for their well-being and for their children. So it’s a good time for a new study out this month that shows how much ground black and Latino children have to make up in California.
That study shows white kids do better than Hispanics who do better than black kids. Left out is Asian kids do best.

So Foon Rhee's argument is that to prove he is not Hitler, President Trump must somehow magically equalize test scores among teh races.

My question is, if this were so important, why didn't President Obama do this?

Why didn't Foon Rhee get on Obama's case?

Why didn't Foon Rhee not mention that this happened on Obama's watch?

Why didn't Foon Rhee point out that despite 40 years of special federal Title 1 funding for kids in poor neighborhoods, kids in poor neighborhoods are now further behind in school than ever before?

Perhaps it is because he knows that Asian parents and Jewish parents ride herd on their kids. The pecking order in test scores reflects the amount of time spent on task by parents.

Those are stereotypes. Not every Asian parent gives a rat's ass, and overall, the majority of black parents do. But in general, this is what we see. And if we are going to raise racial disparities, we should go to the people who are most responsible -- parents, not presidents.

I am trying to think of the last president who sucked as a parent. Their kids seem to do fine, and graduate from college.


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  1. Ship the kids of every university professor in the country to inner city schools in Chicago. Problem solved.

  2. Apparently Foon Rhee's parents didn't ride herd on his ability to apply reason and logic to a news article.

  3. What is lacking in each case is discipline. Children must receive discipline at home and at school. The only way to solve this problem is military-style boarding schools. Total immersion, 24/7. Military discipline won't just improve test scores. It teaches kids how to get along with others and work as a tram - even if you don't like it. It would also provide for a well-trained militia, perhaps like Switzerland. Added bonus: who doesn't like to shoot machine guns and blow stuff up? - Elric

    1. A guy I've hunted with went to an expensive military school while I went to a public high school. We had the exact same SAT scores and both of our fathers were physicians. He drank his way through college and ended up having to go back and get a nursing degree in order to make a living. He's still working. I'm retired. No simple answers there, I'm afraid.

    2. Tell me more about working as a tram; I hear they don't work well in Portland OR.
      (Flying Fingers of Fate Award awarded to Elric (in jest). My fingers have failed me before.

    3. My experience has been that a LOT, not all, but a LOT of guys going to expensive private military high schools and grade schools are there because they're identified as troublemakers by their parents at a young age, and they farm their problem child out, hoping it will correct things. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

  4. Obama betrayed Eric Holder's people. He had a mandate to do something really important for them and did nothing substantive. After he was elected the attitude of many blacks in NYC was entirely different than it had been before. They were proud of him and themselves, especially at Yankee Stadium for Some reason. I don't see that much anymore.
    The Sacramento Bee is famous for the dense stupidity and arrogance of its reporters, most especially the clown who covered Baghdad in the Iraq war, perhaps the only person who ever lived to single handedly unite the internet in disgust. Sacramento is in the midst of a large agricultural area packed with illegals most of whom drive without ligthts at night to avoid detection. But the danger they pose is of no concern to him I'm sure. Better to save their lives and others by attacking that far away high towered doppelgänger for Hitler. That'll do it.

  5. Abolishing the teacher unions might help.

  6. He very, very foonrhee person, that riter for the Sacremento Bee Ess! I laugh and laugh, he so foonrhee!