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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Voters put Hillary's landslide on back order

The Washington Post spent the last six months predicting a huge win for Hillary. Now as voters prepare to actually vote, the Camp Clinton Chronicle has to 'fess up that it was bluffing all along.

Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics has had to eat nearly half its Electoral College Map as in less than a week it has gone from saying Hillary was winning in a cakewalk to a more realistic nail-biter.

On October 29 (last Saturday) Real Clear Politics had it a cinch for Hillary with a lead of 272 to 126, in a race where you need 270 to win.

Last night -- just six days later -- Real Clear Politics quietly realigned the race to a tossup with Hillary leading 216 to 164. They changed the status of seven states just four days before the election. That sort of volatility belies the summer-long assurance that Hillary Clinton would win big.

She may still win big, but with three days to go, the media cannot be sure. Even Nate Silver, who at this point in the 2012 race gave Obama a 90 percent chance is giving Trump a 35 percent chance.

From the Washington Post:
The electoral map is definitely moving in Donald Trump’s direction
The last week has been a tough one for Hillary Clinton. October 28's announcement by FBI Director James Comey that emails considered “pertinent” to the investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server had been discovered accelerated a bump in Donald Trump's poll numbers that had begun before that news hit.
National polling was the first to tighten — the WaPo-ABC Tracking Poll showed the Democratic presidential candidate up three points on Friday — but swing-state polling has followed suit. CNN, as of Friday morning, even had Clinton below 270 electoral votes for the first time in a long time.
We at The Fix aren't there just yet. But we are making three changes in our electoral-map ratings — all of which favor Trump.
The biggest move is Ohio — from “toss-up” to “lean Republican.” The Buckeye State, which went for Barack Obama in each of his two races, has long been one of the friendlier swing states for Trump, thanks in large part to its older and whiter (as compared with the country as a whole) population. The last two polls in the state have shown Trump up five points, and the RealClearPolitics polling average gives the Republican nominee a 3.3-point edge. That fits more with our “lean” category than our “toss-up” one. Clinton isn't giving up on the state, however — she'll be in Cleveland on Sunday.
We're also moving Arizona from “toss-up” to “lean Republican.” The state appears to have reverted back to its default partisanship in the aftermath of the Comey announcement; Trump has led in the last five polls in the state, including leads of five points in the last two surveys.
Finally, we are moving New Hampshire from “lean Democratic” to “toss-up.” Like Ohio and Arizona, the Granite State has inched toward Trump over the past week and is now among the closest races in the country. Two of the three most recent polls conducted in New Hampshire have shown a dead heat.
Arizona was never in doubt, nor was Utah nor Texas for good grief.

The American press lies to the American people regularly -- continually -- to push an agenda aimed at expanding the central government and its control over the people.

That is why the press pushed the lie that there was widespread denial of health insurance to "millions" of people. The truth is most of the 20 million (not 47 million) people without health insurance did not want it, or were already covered by Medicaid but had not bothered signing up for it.

We know that now because eight million people pay the fine rather than buy health insurance, and millions more signed up for Medicaid.

Global warming is the same deal.

Tuesday is Judgment Day. Six months ago, I wanted Hillary to suffer the humiliation of a big defeat. No more. I will be more happy when the pie of the truth smacks the press between the eyes.


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  1. Don, you've noted lie 15, tho many others have been exposed in the past year as well.

    Democrat's lies about Obolacare:

    1) lower costs
    2) cut the deficit
    3) crafted in open on CSPAN
    4) cover everyone
    5) its constitutional
    6) online 5 days prior to signing
    7) like your plan keep it
    8) no tax increase for under 250k/yr
    9) not an abortion bill
    10) illegals not covered
    11) not a tax
    12) bi-partisan
    13) create millions of new jobs
    14) allow imported meds
    15) 35 - 40 million uninsured
    16) reduce ER crowding
    17) increase competition
    18) employers costs will fall up to $3,000.00 so they can give you a raise
    19) save the average family $2,500.00 on insurance

    1. This disaster had a lot to do with my decision to retire. I was working in a university system that had made a "moral" decision to take Obamacare and had made a HUGE effort in the time leading up to implementation to becoming an ACO back when the idea of being an ACO was thought to be a pathway to monopoly control of local health markets. Note that NO ONE is talking about what they were thinking back then. Many won't recall, but many large health megacorporations were engaged in the same thinking. The big time acquisition of medical practices and establishment of expanded systems with regionalized reach occurred in conjunction with the planned implementation. Then Obama announced the planned delay of the employer mandate, which all of these big systems were counting on to fund payment on all of the bonds, borrowed money and expenditure of accumulated cash. Immense layoffs commenced. My organization announced an 11,000 person layoff. It was more like 20,000 because many, many of the layoffs were unannounced. Then, when things actually were implemented, the kind of patient you want to see, the decent people with good families began to stay away from the doctor, while the kind of people you dread having in your office flooded in because they now had "insurance" and were there to try and manipulate you into doing things and trying to find ways of getting an ongoing supply of drugs. And all this was mandated by university policies that had been made under the assumption that this would be offset by a monopoly on employer supplied health insurance through the ACO. Most of the decent people in my practice were folks I had been seeing for decades before joining the university. And no I had a bunch of administrators telling me how to do my job. It was like being in that movie Office Space, only I had purple haired tattooed bimbos hitting me up for narcotics.
      I decided to get out at a time that was convenient to me, and none too soon. The head guy in my department has since had a mental breakdown and is an inpatient somewhere, and the department is a shambles. The administration is probably running around trying to cover their asses as best they can and pointing their fingers everywhere but where the blame is.
      I just wish there was some harmless red haired insignificant nut like the guy in Office Space who could burn the whole thing down.
      Maybe Trump will have to do.

  2. And in other news, West Virginia has just been moved from Strongly Trump to Slaying Ass For Trump. If we don't have the biggest DJT victory margin Tuesday, I'm gonna be pissed.

    1. SAFT..Now, I like that. A Lot.
      I'm counting on a SAFT in FL.

      Keep decapping and tumblin them brass.
      Just in case they decide to go Full Retard®.

  3. "That sort of volatility belies the summer-long assurance that Hillary Clinton would win big."
    I read that line as "summer-bong".

    "I will be more happy when the pie of the truth smacks the press between the eyes." I'd have checked the Funny box if you had said "the cow-pie of truth".

  4. Drudge:


    Actually, some polls show NH, like VA, with him ahead and PA and MI are dead even.

    Looks very good.

  5. I will be more happy when the pie of the truth smacks the press between the eyes.

    In Jonah Goldberg's last "G-File" before the election, he refers to Trump as a “glandular oaf” and “a man of tawdry character” with an “outsized lizard-brain.” He continues...

    “Hillary Clinton deserves to lose, and I don’t know a serious political observer who doesn’t think she’d be down double digits in the polls if she were running against a standard Republican. And that’s an important point. All of the reasons Trump is doing well now have almost nothing to do with him…” (emphasis mine)

    If that were true, then why couldn't any one of those 16 "standard Republicans" win the nomination? If they couldn't beat Trump, then how could they possibly beat Hillary?

    I'm voting FOR Trump because the "standard Republicans" helped get us into this mess in the first place.

    Make certain Jonah gets a big helping of that pie of truth.

    1. Crooked Cankles would have demolished Jeb who was prolly Jonah's choice! He and the rest of the candidates Trump trounced didn't know how to fight and wouldn't have been able to fight with Hacking Hillary. McRINO and Mittens Romneycare lost because they refused to put up a good fight against Obungler.

  6. Don't trust poll trolls. Vote on Election Day. Pay close attention to the poll workers, especially if they are even temporarily out of sight. Report discrepancies. True the vote and The Donald will win. - Elric