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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trump hurts down ticket

Readers of the defunct Cleveland Press (a number that shrinks daily) remember "Today's Chuckle" which was a pithy piece of newsy wit. Meghan Keneally of ABC provided one on May 5, when she wrote: "Donald Trump's Impact on Down-Ticket Races Is Already Showing."

Yes, two days after he clinched the nomination, the party was doomed. Doomed. Doomed!

From Keneally:
Donald Trump's likely presidential nomination could have a trickle-down effect for other political races this cycle.
The impact of likely having Trump at the top of the ballot come November is already being used as a weapon in some races, and apparently has at least one senior Republican concerned about his re-election.
"Some Republicans will come back to the fold, hold their noses, and vote, but many won't," said James Campbell, a professor of political science at the University at Buffalo.
"I suspect that there will be a good number who will go to the polls and just skip the presidential contest, but there will be many who will just sit out the election completely and this will hurt every Republican candidate," he added.
Professor Campbell is an idiot.


His students deserve a refund.

Because here is what happened, courtesy of the Hill:
The Democratic Party will hit a new nadir in state legislative seats after suffering more losses in November’s elections, highlighting the devastation up and down the party across the nation.
Republicans will control 4,170 state legislative seats after last week’s elections, while Democrats will control 3,129 seats in the nation’s 98 partisan legislative chambers. Republicans picked up a net gain of 46 seats in Tuesday’s elections, while Democrats lost 46 seats, according to the latest vote counts from The Associated Press.
Independents and members of minor parties hold 71 seats, including the entire Nebraska Senate, which is nonpartisan. Nearly two weeks after Election Day, about a dozen seats remain too close to call.
“Republicans have been working for this moment for years, to have a federal government with Republican majorities and now at the state level,” said David Avella, who heads GOPAC, a group that grooms young legislative candidates. “We have to deliver on breaking down barriers to job creation, we have to deliver on putting more money in people’s pockets through tax cuts and through higher wages.”
No president has sold more guns and elected more Republicans than Barack Obama.


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  1. I think Obama was giving advance information about his executive orders on guns to insiders so they could profit from swings in market values of gun companies while he was getting kudos from his leftist friends. Some of that money will no doubt circulate back to him via various channels.
    Yeah. Trump nearly did hurt the down ticket. But not the way they say. A lot of us held our noses and voted straight ticket only because we knew that it would be easier for him with Republicans in there than Democrats. There were so many rumors flying around about Republican perfidy so many of us nearly sat out, not the presidential election, but the down ticket one.
    One thing that absolutely shocked me recently was the apparent underground enthusiasm for Trump that there was in my local Republican party. I knew that the guys running it would be anti-trump, so I'd been staying away. Went to an informal gathering after the election and found that there'd been a coup. All the old guard ousted. I already felt good about the election. Now I'm overjoyed.

    1. Yeah, look at SWHC's two year stock chart. Easiest no-brainer trade ever.

  2. Thank you, Barack. We couldn't have won it without you.

  3. And, [ Conservatives have a once-in-a-lifetime legislative opportunity at the state level ]

    What's the odds that they'll squander it doing their stompy feet routine with Trumpism? If Doc is right about the Neckbeards it might be #Best4YearsEver.

    OTOH, I still wouldn't sell SWHC, RGR, RGM, an addition to anything headstamped Lake City or Blazer. We are all Yugoslavians, and they really do think that they can kill us with participation trophies (even though the left clearly can't surf).

  4. We don't like you,Barack. We REALLY don't like you. And Hillary too!

  5. I'm looking to buy a Ruger LCR 9mm.

  6. Professor Campbell should not profess so much.

  7. If the Soros-funded violence continues we will be happy that Obama sold so many firearms. - Elric

  8. Newsflash to Professor Campbell: a mandate is NOT two guys watching sports.

  9. The "down ticket" folks got UP-voted!

  10. Why should anyone listen to the Tokyo Rose media for information or advice on politics?

    - Mikey NTH