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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time shows why Hillary would be a terrible president

Time magazine bemoaned Hillary's colossal 30-state loss in a piece by Philip Elliott, "How Hillary Clinton Lost."

Actually, the piece should have been named "Why Hillary Needed to Lose."

The points Time made actually showed how terrible a president she would be:
No one hustled harder than Clinton, whose childhood Sunday-school lessons about the virtues of hard work and good deeds she had translated into a life in public service. She obsessed over details and demanded plans for everything, all the while being unfailingly kind to her allies and aides.
Technocrat is a peevish substitute for bureaucrat. She learned nothing from the Hillarycare debacle in which she wanted to technocrat the medical industry down to how many general practitioners and how many surgeons each state had.

As for work ethic and public service, she spent roughly three decades as a first lady in Arkansas and Washington. This great big feminist icon was just another Wellesley graduate who married well and led a pampered life thereafter.
The campaign Clinton and her team built was a dramatic departure from the inspirational tours de force that twice elevated Obama to the White House. Without a mantle of change or a movement of hope, Clinton and her crew patiently worked to construct an unstoppable machine. 
Yes, and that machine crashed and burned against an underfunded rookie candidate running his campaign out of the Trump company softball team in the Manhattan softball league.

It would be like taking the American military and losing to the Taliban.

Oops. That seemed to have happened in Afghanistan under Obama.
Her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders promised a revolution of his own and rallied young voters who resisted Clinton, with her policy prescriptions and merit-based candidacy.
Liberals keep using that word merit. I don't think they know its meaning. Nothing she did as a senator of secretary of State merited her promotion to president. It was merely her husband's political connections that made her.

Trump meanwhile got up by dawn every day and worked since he was 16 to build a $10 billion, worldwide empire employing 22,000 people.

I think by merit, they mean inherit.
 She fought to keep paid Wall Street speeches on Bill Clinton’s schedule. In landlocked Iowa, she detailed plans for tackling Laotian land mines and in Libertarian-leaning New Hampshire effused about government-backed loans for Big Business. Aides grimaced and groaned–and then put online the video of the ill-timed land-mine chat as evidence of a heavyweight worthy of support. 
Who wrote her speeches?

Then again, look who gave them.

Nothing quite says I-don't-give-a-shit-about-Iowa like a lengthy lecture on Laotian land mines.
From the start, campaign manager Robby Mook knew he had challenges ahead of him. The boyish Columbia University graduate with a degree in the classics had been hired at 35 for the toughest job in politics. He shared Clinton’s unflinching belief that preparation can trump emotion. 
Boyish at 35. Hmm. Does that mean he spent Christmas in his PJs sipping hot cocoa while lecturing his parents on Obamacare? That's almost as bad a personnel decision as picking Krazy Kaine as her running mate.
Clinton was neither lazy nor lackadaisical. Once she settled on a plan, she worked harder than anyone to execute it, a discipline acquired during a summer away from Yale Law School when she campaigned out of an empty storefront on West Sixth Street in Austin for George McGovern’s hapless 1972 White House bid. “I had a small cubicle that I rarely occupied because I spent most of my time in the field,” Clinton wrote in her memoir. Like her staff, she reveled in the grind. But that diligent focus produced huge blind spots away from the field; Clinton never visited Wisconsin during the general-election campaign, and on Nov. 8, the state tipped in Trump’s favor with an ease that caught the Democrat flat-footed.
Yet this hard-working miss with moxie spent August and September at no more than three rallies a week, while Trump hit the hustings daily with two, three and sometimes four rallies.

I am of the Lousy Candidate, Lousy President school of thought. America just dodged a bullet.


"Trump the Press" skewers media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. I use my deadliest weapon: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.


  1. "Lousy" is being very charitable. - Elric

    1. I write cleaner than I talk, if that is what you mean :)

  2. Explanations and excuses are very different things. Someone should inform the libs of this.

  3. "They were this generation’s best and brightest, matched with a trailblazer who was poised to become the first woman to earn the Oval Office."

    Oh, brother. The best and brightest saw the disastrous defeat coming, right, Don? ;)

    1. Best and brightest were also the terms used to describe JFK's "brains trust" which got us embroiled in Vietnam, where my hunting gloves that got torn after one use were made. Those 60 some odd days can't pass fast enough.

    2. David Halberstam's Best and the Brightest -- I read it years after two tours in Vietnam. I think it sucked and was mostly hogwash and an apology for JFK's actions. What cracks me up now is that when I bing'd it, the wikipedia summary had this:
      Author: David Halberstam
      First published: 1972
      Genre: Sci-Fi

      Don't know about Science, but I sure do believe it is Fiction.

  4. That piece reads like it was originally titled "How Clinton Won" and then rewritten after she lost.

  5. >>No one hustled harder than Clinton<<

    Can't argue with that, but is being a world-class grifter really a selling point?

  6. If just 1% of what Clinton supposedly learnt in Sunday School is what she truly believes, her knees will knock and her heart beat in terror when, at some point in the future, she is between her second-last and her last breath in this life.

  7. There's a difference between attention to details that matter (not all of them do), and being an obsessive compulsive irritating nerd and buttpain for whom nothing ever can be detailed or good enough. My late uncle was an outstanding manager of a dept with >100 staffers @ the John Deere tractor works. As he used to tell me, "Farm Boy, don't sweat the small s**t."

  8. She has "virtue signalled" her way through life and accomplished almost nothing, and in most cases horrendously made things worse. She constantly says she works hard but there is almost no evidence of it except she keeps at her plan to enrich herself. She was supposed to be the brilliant Yale lawyer in Little Rock cleaning up and making a killing so Bill could pursue a political career. She was awful. One of the worst lawyers there regularly beaten to a pulp by more talented and intelligent 'supposed-ed' yokels from regional state law schools so she had to go crooked to make some bank for them to live on. She has ridden on old Bill's rotten back since she met him. Then if to be believed wouldn't listen to him about trying to talk to middle and lower class white voters about their problems because she despises them and they returned the favor. She is a dumb, untalented, incompetent hack and a fool.

  9. Sometimes I wish that I didn't have this marijuana allergy, because the stuff the author was smoking must be some really, really good stuff.

    And no! Texas won't give me a handicapped tag for my allergy. They say that it doesn't sound like much of a handicap. I tell them it danged sure was in the 70's. LOL!

  10. Mook may have read some classics as an undergraduate but I wonder how much of what he did read made a dent. Most classic writers wrote with the goal of promoting virtue, using history and philosophy as props. Surely he must have realized his slave mistress had no virtue or perhaps a very flawed variant so her efforts in combat were unlikely to be favored by the Gods. Of course in our secular quantum world there are no Gods and chance is believed to control every endeavour and it did appear hers was not only unusually good but could be made insurmountable by "preparation", especially if all sides of the dies she brought to the game could be shaved and carefully weighted by the media and the rich to always roll 7. But as Sophocles says, in playing dice it is Zeus's throw that is always lucky. The God did not favor her after all and chose the man endowed with pristina virtutue.

  11. "No one hustled harder than Clinton, whose childhood Sunday-school lessons about the virtues of hard work and good deeds she had translated into a life in public service. She obsessed over details and demanded plans for everything, all the while being unfailingly kind to her allies and aides."

    "... all the while being unfailingly kind to her allies and aides." That ain't the way I heard it!

    1. The secret service and Air Force One crew were not available for comment.

  12. I suspect this article began as a "Why Hillary Won" hagiography, and this gushing, fawning Philip was pining for an appointment in her administration.

    That, or he's been sniffing glue for too long. --Burnsie

  13. ^^^ Ah, crawdad5150 beat me to it!

    These lib journalists are so transparent. They're lazy, too! --Burnsie

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  15. Trump, like Truman, ran a whistle stop campaign and won an upset.

    "Good deeds" and "Hillary Clinton" should never appear in the same sentence. As a lawyer, she couldn't pass the DC Bar exam. In Arkansas she was put in charge of education. Fail. Hillarycare. Fail. SecState. Massive fail. When she gave the reset button to the Russian guy she used the wrong word for reset. That was the high point of her term as SecState. It was all downhill from there. The only thing she was good at was enabling her husband's misanthropic behavior and smearing and ruining the lives of his victims and she had a massive failure on one of them. BJ wanted to settle with Paula Jones and Crooked Cankles didn't. The result of that led to BJ's impeachment, the first elected president to ever be impeached. We dodged a giant bullet this election. She might have turned out to be even worse than Obungler and got us into a war with Russia.

  16. "or a press corps whose dogged antagonism toward the Democrat left many Clinton staffers personally offended by what they saw as a double standard." Huh? The press was totally in the bag for her. What is this guy smoking?