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Saturday, November 05, 2016

"The Clinton scandals will never stop"

Things are getting strange at the Washington Post as Judgment Day nears. Numbed by six months of daily doses of anti-Donald dreck, readers suddenly are confronted with worry and doubt.

Perhaps owner Jeff Bezos is considering the consequences of pissing on the next president with a steady barrage of half-truths and libels.

Or maybe the horrors of Hillary have sunk in.

From Ed Rogers of the Washington Post:
The Clinton scandals will never stop
Every president enters office with some baggage – from statements and positions that strained relationships with various voter groups to partisan views that alienated members of the other party to gaffes on the campaign trail that scuffed up a candidate’s reputation. But no one has ever been elected president who has been so hobbled by such festering wounds as Hillary Clinton would be if she is elected on Nov. 8.
If Clinton takes office, the scandals won’t come to a screeching halt. Nothing about the latest chapter of Clinton scandal lends itself to a tidy conclusion. There will always be a seepage of fresh emails; new revelations about some impropriety regarding the Clinton Foundation, Clinton donors, Clinton staff and the like; and reports of Bill Clinton saying or doing something compromising or otherwise inappropriate. There will never be a last email, a last allegation of pay to play or a last word written by a former Clinton insider. Nothing will stop the ooze of Clinton corruption, not even Hillary Clinton placing her hand on a Bible and swearing to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
He then proceeded to outline the whole litany of scandals that Clinton's greed and pursuit of evil have produced over the years. Defending herself has consequences as well. Rogers observed, "If elected, Clinton would enter office as the weakest president ever, at a time when we need exactly the opposite, both at home and abroad."

That's as close an endorsement as The Donald ever shall get from the Washington Post.


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  1. Having second thoughts, are they? I say it's too late (WAAAAAAAAAAY TOO LATE). Not that I'd change my opinion of the WaPo anyway. Nope. See parenthesis above.

  2. She'll stroke out and be declared non compos mentis right after the Inaugural.

    But buyer's remorse will still be theirs.

  3. "Washington Post"??? Where have I heard that name before? Oh yea, I was 25 years old...

  4. Alex Jones has been right all along. They are a bunch of pedophile cross-sexual Satan worshippers.

  5. Things are going to get a lot stranger over the next few days. The spin and outright lies will be unprecedented. The Democrats and media are desperate. - Elric