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Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Team of Gazillionaires" sounds awesome

Having gotten the Republican nomination process totally wrong -- Politico doubled down on the general election. Now Politico double down again to get President Trump's presidency all wrong, to hit the trifecta of stupid.

From Politico:
Trump's team of gazillionaires
Donald Trump campaigned as a champion of the “forgotten man” and won the White House on the strength of his support among the white working class.
So far, he’s stacking his administration with masters of the universe.
Beyond Trump himself, who claims a net worth of more than $10 billion, the president-elect has tapped businesswoman Betsy DeVos, whose family is worth $5.1 billion, and is said to be considering oil mogul Harold Hamm ($15.3 billion), investor Wilbur Ross ($2.9 billion), private equity investor Mitt Romney ($250 million at last count), hedge fund magnate Steve Mnuchin (at least $46 million), and super-lawyer Rudy Giuliani (estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars) to round out his administration. And Trump’s likely choice for deputy commerce secretary, Todd Ricketts, comes from the billionaire family that owns the Chicago Cubs.
If you put the forgotten man in scary quotes, chances are you are a Washington elite who has no clue about the rest of the country. Yes, the forgotten man is real. If it takes a gazillionaire to help him, so be it.

What the men and women on Trump's team share in common is winning.

They know how to succeed.

Romney is an expert in taking over failed enterprises and turning them around. That was why I voted for him in 2012. We have a failed socialistic state run by people who don't know photosynthesis from polyester.

Unlike Obama's Team of Leeches, these peopel (if indeed they are appointed) will not steal the office furniture nor use their position to set up a cozy six-figure job lobbyinbg after they leave the government.

We need a Team of Gazillionaires to reverse the nation's economic polarity.


"Trump the Press" skewers media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. I use my deadliest weapon: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.


  1. This from a website likely financed by George Soros, gazillionaire socialist and de fact owner of the Democratic Party. Consider the source.

  2. When your ideology is Marxism, the people who made money in capitalist markets are the enemy. That's not to be confused with the hundreds of millions of dollars made by the Clintons selling out Americans to overseas interests or giving doublespeak speeches to international bankers. That's how you're supposed to make money when you're a good socialist.

  3. The real issue is these people have actually done something.

  4. I think Romney would be the ideal person to take over the VA.

  5. I like Romney as Sec State. Would bring some real talent to the post. I know that a lot of long time Trump supporters don't want him. But remember the call is Trumps, not yours. If Trump wants him then he should have him. I think Trump is a good judge of people.

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  7. Trump is hiring people who have already made money so they don't need to steal it from the gummint. Dimocrats like to hire people who get rich off of the gummint.

  8. Gazillionaires that wouldn't stoop to take but will hurry down the street for a chance to give?

    Sounds like a mircoaggression to me....

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