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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stein raised more for the recount than her election

The "watchdog" media misses more stories than Sergeant Schultz missed escapes. The latest is Jill Stein of the Green Party raising more money for the recount than she did for her campaign.

Open Secrets said she raised $3,509,477 for her second ill-fated attempt to become president.

Now "she has raised more than $5 million to demand presidential vote recounts in three close states," according to Lakshmi Singh of NPR.

In an interview with Stein, Singh failed to ask why Stein did not seek a recount in New Hampshire, which Hillary won by a smaller margin than she lost Pennsylvania or Wisconsin.

Singh also did not ask why she raised more to recount than to run.

Face it, just as Stein is a watermelon (a communist red covered in environmental green) she is a Democrat. She also is a shill for the big money interests that use environmentalism to line their pockets. Billionaires George P. Kaiser (Solyndra) and Elon Musk (Tesla) are the first in a long line of the welfare empresses.

Stein is a front for Hillary's attempt to hijack the election.

The FEC should demand full disclosure of donors as this is an expense directly related to her election effort.

We shall see if she is forced to comply.

Do not count on like-minded media to raise the issue. They are too busy screaming about the "emoluments clause" to bother with any real political stories.

Meanwhile, just as Stein is doing the dirty work for Democrats in these three recounts, so she spoke for them in praising Fidel Castro on Saturday.


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  1. The people screaming the loudest about emoluments wouldn't know one if it bit them in the backside. Someone in the Clinton camp is prompting them.

    Jill Stein is a useful idiot. Her part in this whole election was specifically to raise this sort of stink if Hillary lost. My bet is the five mil came from George Soros and/or the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, but I doubt the FEC will investigate; they only investigate campaign finance irregularities, real or imagined, by Republican candidates. Kind of like the fake-news media only reports vote fraud by Republicans.

  2. She has bills to pay.

    -Mikey NTH

  3. I wouldn't intimate that this looks suspicious, if it didn't look so obvious.

  4. Nothing like throwing good money after bad! What fools are giving it to her? Oh. Greenies, of course.

  5. Schultz didn't miss all that many escapes, he just waved them through, because he'd been got at.

    BTW, a little bird seems to be telling me that the likelihood of a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton just increased off the scale.

  6. Lately this phrase just keeps echoing in my head: 'keep pushing, lefties, just keep pushing, that's working so well for you!'

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  8. What has happened is Trump gave Hillary a pass with the agreement to accept the election results.
    She now has gone back on that agreement.Ok a bit of personal info here. I'm mostly Scot. Both sides.
    One insight I've had about Trump is he appreciates
    loyalty and you do not go back on a deal (Scot)
    You are given one chance to redeem yourself if you
    renege. No three strikes. Once. If you do, fine but Trump has given Hillary a can of Gasoline and a match and she's standing on that wooden bridge.
    It is up to her to strike the match or not.
    She just did.. TG

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  10. According to Instapundit Stein missed the deadline for filing for a recount in Pennsylvania. If the Democrats can't recount Pennsylvania they can't overturn the election even if Wisconsin and Michagin were changed to a Hillary win.

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