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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Recount was a great gift to President Trump

Team Clinton had a brilliant plan with a focus group-tested slogan: Audit the Vote. Sure, a recount could not overturn the election, but a recount could undermine support for The Donald, and discount the Republican mandate.

And so they had their straw man -- woman -- Jill Stein challenge the election results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. They promised her $5 million (more than the $3.5 million she raised in her entire campaign) to cover the cost of lawyers as well as giving her some walking around money. She gave them plausible deniability.

The plan was like Al Gore's challenge in 2000, which Team Clinton orchestrated not to elect Gore president. Ugh. But to undercut George W. Bush's mandate, softening him up for a 2004 run by Hillary. It would have worked if not for 9-11. (Although in hindsight, she could have beaten Bush in 2004. Look how close Lurch came, and he's the village idiot.)

But the recount was clever, not smart. The wheels fell off quickly. Stein missed a deadline in Pennsylvania where Trump won by more than one percent -- well outside of the possibility of an overturn. Even the Democratic Secretary of State (the people who run elections in the states) rolled his eyes over that challenge.

In Wisconsin, Stein took officials to court. Oh yes, let's have a replay of Bush vs. Gore.

Clinton lost the 2008 nomination in part because of three words: No Drama Obama.

The people are sick of the continual string of scandals. Oh sure, she gets off the hook each time, but really does it ever end? Whitewater, Travelgate, Lewinsky, Furnituregate, the Foundation, Benghazi, the emails, the recount.

America is usually divided into three groups at every step: the pro, the con, and the undecided. In the Revolutionary War, the Patriots were at best a plurality. There were many Tories, still loyal to the king. And then there were the people who were not involved. Colony? Republic? Who cared?

Swaying the undecided wins wars. Nathanael Greene's brilliant southern campaign helped the undecided decide to back the Patriots. Winning is very persuasive.

And so it goes with Trump. 62 million voted for him, 65 million voted for her, and 70 million stayed out of the race altogether.

The recount helps Trump win over many in that 80 million because the recount reminded them that Clinton will bring four more years of constant turmoil. It never ends.

Well, electing Trump ended that. He's the president. Normal people will give him a chance.


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  1. One of the best memes I've seen on this is the fish from the Pixar movie looking all depressed and complaining that Bernie took out money and sold out, I'm never donating to another politician ever again. Next frame has Dory looking all happy saying that Jill Stein is asking for donations for a recount.
    Poor Dory. Gonna be sad again.
    I don't think the Dems have anything to worry about. Their constituents have the memory of a fish.

  2. Which reminds me: The Struggle Is Everything.

  3. And lets not forget the brainless reaction of the protesters as they burn, loot, and block traffic just because they don't like the way it finished. That's pissing off a lot of us normals.

    1. Totally agree, Tom. That grave the Demmies are digging just keeps getting deeper and deeper. And I'm laughing. Go for it, Progs. You're ruining your party...and you don't even care. Strange mental imbalance.

  4. Trump did a masterful killshot soon after the "audit the vote" tommyrot. THREE MILLION ILLEGALS voted for Clinton! It made them deny it, say it was based on nothing (which is false) and the public already knows they vote and swing many elections which is one part of immigration that the public understands and why Trump won across the country. Why the Hillary Democrats opened THAT can of worms and handed Trump such a YUGE opportunity is incomprehensible.

  5. the ACME safe falls on the Coyote-again....
    -Except I think Hillary is heading for the last Roundup...

  6. Absolutely agree, but what happens if Hillary votes are disqualified or awarded to Trump because of vote fraud?

    Hmmm, could make the Demos look worse.

  7. What a SHAME if those recounts were to turn up evidence of Democrat voting fraud.