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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Proof Hillary hurts Democrats

If voters forbid Hillary wins the presidency, she will do so without helping her party.

Whilst the media kept saying that Trump hurt Republicans down ticket, the truth is Republicans will keep the House by a large margin and will win a majority of the 34 the Senate seats up for grabs this year.

If true, if the Senate goes 50-50, that means Republicans will have beaten Democrats 20-14 in the 34 Senate races. That is a huge story.

Real Clear Politics has it 21-13 in favor of Republicans. This follows a 24-12 win for Republicans two years ago.

By contrast, Barack Obama's election in 2008 gave Democrats a 20-15 win in the Senate.  His re-election in 2012 gave Democrats a 23-8 win.

Once again, rather than report the news, the political press sits on the truth because it makes Hillary look bad. Like a pedophile, she has spent years grooming reporters and editors to serve in her ministry of misinformation.

But she failed in courting voters. A clear majority dislike her despite 90 percent of the coverage of her being favorable and 90 percent of her opponent's coverage being unfavorable.

Of course, Senate candidates are responsible for their own outcome. However, she has been no help at all down ticket. T]he poor faring by Democrats in the Senate races also reflects a party running on its vapors.

Any other Democratic nominee would have at least tied Republicans in the 34 Senate races, which would have led to an easy 53-47 majority for Democrats in that body. But Democrats rigged their system to nominate her.

You reap what you rig.


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  1. We voted at 7:40 this morning at an indoor tennis court (!) at The Woods. Thought there'd be nobody there. Nope. Quick head count. 60. This bodes well for DJT, methinks. Because guys in Harley Davidson T shirts are NOT gonna be voting for Hillary.

  2. Love that last line.

    Regardless of what happens, you have been a beacon of good sense and truth.


  3. I echo what edutcher said above - no matter what, THANK YOU Don for doing what you do every day. I don't comment much but I read everything you write and it's always refreshing, original, and thoughtful.

    Like you I don't tolerate b.s. well and seek out those who think for themselves but are also not immune to evidence that can change their mind. It's a rare combo on the 'net these days, and in our culture at large, and *that* is not good.

  4. It's interesting that you should post this topic today. The hillbots came back last night on TWTR, and rather than use pro Hillary hashtags, they were doing something like #VoteBlueDownballot. Lots and lots of down ballot trolls. They would generally try twice and then move to the next solid Trump voter after they were beaten to a bloody pulp.

    The concession was fairly widespread from CTR last night on TWTR.

  5. Many thanks Don for all your hard work and dedication to fact throughout this election cycle.
    A dedication to being fair and measured with a good dose of humility thrown in to boot!

    As always it is a pleasure visiting here as there has been much food for thought as regards American politics.
    So from a Canadian, who well understands how American politics and policy affects us up here, and I should add shares the 'angst' of hoping for a good outcome today, I can only add that I hope Mr Trump wins and that the rule of law & Constitution prevails.

    My thanks again Mr Surber to you and your regulars for a job well done.

    Sam C

    1. I'm pretty sure, based on history, that you (and Canada) will not be invaded by our idiots if Trump wins.

  6. Steve in GreensboroNovember 8, 2016 at 1:16 PM

    Second the comments above. You have been a beacon of high quality information and clear headed judgment. Thanks, Don!

  7. And Big D, congrats on passing the 4M mark! We love you brother...keep on keepin on...

  8. Thanks for all the kind comments. Power went out in Poca for an hour and 45 minutes. Drive and came back to this. Got to listen to El Rushbo. Wonderful fall day. Electricity is back on (which means I have an Internet connection)