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Thursday, November 17, 2016

President Trump won't put Cruz on the Supreme Court

RINO Lindsay Graham told the press Donald Trump (whom Graham opposed) should appoint Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court nominee. Some reporters filed stories that contended this was a possibility, even though President Trump  already released a list of 21 people he will consider -- and Cruz was not on the list.

Let's look at the list. While some in the media mention how many black people or women are on the list. Who cares? The fact that all eight justices now on the court are from Yale or Harvard law schools. We need some real diversity.

What good is draining the swamp if we let Yale and Harvard law schools run the courts?

Here's Trump's list minus the Yalies and Hawvahd crowd:
Keith Blackwell, 42, Georgia.
Allison Eid, 51, University of Chicago.
Raymond Gruender, 53, Washington.
Thomas Hardiman, 51, Georgetown.
Raymond Kethledge, 49, Michigan.
Joan Larsen, 47, Northwestern.
Mike Lee, 45, Brigham Young.
Thomas Lee, 52, University of Chicago.
Federico Moreno, 64, Miami.
William Pryor, 53, Tulane.
Margaret A. Ryan, 52, Notre Dame.
Amul Thapar, 47, Berkeley.
Timothy Tymkovich, 60, Colorado.
David Stras, 42, Kansas.
Diane Sykes, 59, Marquette.
Don Willett, 50, Duke.
That's a fine list. Many are state Supreme Court justices. And those are fine schools.

Oh and "Mister Outsider" Ted Cruz who has lived in Washington most of his adult life is a Harvard Law grad.

Screw them.

It's not as if there are only two law schools in America, and it is not as if these Obamacare-is-constitutional justices we have now are all that good.

I lean toward the Tulane grad. Party school. Likely won't be one of those deep thinkers and will instead read the Constitution as she is writ.


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  1. I'm partial to Don Willett. A judge should possess a good sense of humor. - Elric

    1. He does have a good Twitter feed.

    2. Willet's my guy. Tony Scalia also had a wicked sense of humor. His brief in the Casey Martin decision was one for the ages. Rebutting, who was it, Stephens, who said golf was mostly a game of luck, Tony shot back: I guess that is why people who follow professional golfing consider Jack Nicklaus to be the luckiest golfer of all time. Complete bitch slap. Judge Don won't hesitate to do that either.

  2. Agree with Anon above regarding Judge Willett.

    Separately, your point about background diversity was part of reason I abhorred the nature of the attacks on Harriet Miers. Most of the criticism of her was by people with nose in air saying "She doesn't smell of Ivy."

    1. Having said that, I hope Cruz doesn't take a lesser appointment like Attorney General. Why quit Senate seat for temp job as AG?

    2. Because he may not get reelected to the Senate. He committed political suicide with his convention speech. He tried to recover in the last days of the Trump campaign by finally endorsing him.

  3. I like the state Supreme Court justices because they are mostly elected, not appointed. Getting voter ID and eliminating vote fraud are high priorities and might get positive attention from them.

  4. I like the BYU guy--oooooooooooooooooooohhhh, that'll make them so MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDD.

  5. Off topic, but Don, you should look at this:

  6. You'll like this one, too:

  7. Sorry, but I can't look at Cruz without seeing the resemblance to Bill Murray.

    Specifically, Carl Spackler of Caddyshack.

    "And I say, "Hey, Mr President-Elect, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know." And he says, "Oh, uh, there won't be any Supreme Court appointment , but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." So I got that goin' for me, which is nice."

  8. Cruz would make a fine appointment, but I agree that he won't be appointed.

  9. Affirmative Action was originally a term for going out from the same-old same-old schools, clubs, social circles that dominated business, politics, etc., looking beyond the familiar. People from different places, of different ethnicities, who went to different schools, and who might have different ideas and perspectives to bring to the table. It wasn't intended as "diversity" of appearance with conformity of thought.
    It's about time our Supremes (and other higher-level appointed government officials) be drawn from outside the Acela corridor.

    Although probably still good schools (given the right major), we need to apply Affirmative Action to obtain people experienced beyond Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Princeton, Columbia, and so forth.

  10. Too many Ivy Leaguers in every nook and cranny of the federal government. Snobby, elitist, Marxist, privileged, globalist, way overrated, no humility. There once was a day when these people were worth hiring, and you wanted them on your team: no more. They are cut out of a leftist Groupthink mold. I want nothing to do with these snobs and neither do most people across the nation. We need fresh thinking and new ideas.

    1. I had a problem with that leftist Groupthink mold, but a bleach spray took it right off.

  11. You're right about Yale and Haavahd.

    And probably the rest of the Ivy League.

  12. Surber is right! We should distrust all those folks seeking government employment that have Ivy League educations . . . like Donald Trump. Screw 'em, I say!

    As for Ted Cruz . . . the Trump Search people called him to come to Trump Tower for interviews. Cruz already has a job he likes.

  13. I can vouch that Bill Pryor is a good man -- friend of mine went to Tulane Law with him. Very smart and Catholic in Scalia mold.
    Good judge too.
    Willett was outspokenly #NeverTrump. Not a good look for a judge.


  15. A Trump latecomer, I voted for Cruz back in March. (And I never swallowed the, 'Cruz is establishment' stuff. The establishment was taking steps against Cruz while they were still dismissing Trump. But I digress) Somebody was floating Cruz for AG. I can see that if Trump and Cruz can come to a workable relationship. Cruz KNOWS law. And the AG doesn't require a lot of personality.

    1. You do know who Heidi Cruz works for, don't you? And that she's a member of the CFR, pushing for globalism? And that Cruz is a natural-born Canadian, which he lied about? You may also want to look into who paid for his campaign.

      I looked into all those things and concluded that Cruz is deep in the pocket of the Establishment. YMMV.

      When he first announced, I too believed the hype about Ted Cruz. Then I found out the truth about him. Too bad there aren't any refunds in politics; I'd like the money back that I spent on him.

      I don't want anyone of his deceitful nature anywhere near the SCOTUS, we've enough liars there already!

  16. Is that Senator Mike Lee from Utah?

  17. "Pre-enforcement challenge" ... that's a new one to me.