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Friday, November 18, 2016

President Trump won on ideas

Post-election pieces by people who got the election wrong amuse me. I compare them to the six blind men describing the elephant. But I enjoy their walks in the wilderness. The media keeps stepping on a lot of rakes.

One piece was "Stop Obsessing Over White Working-Class Voters" by Joshua Holland in Rolling Stone. This particular passage tickled me:
According to the exit polls, Clinton underperformed Barack Obama's 2012 results among not only non-college educated whites, but also white men; black men and women; Hispanic men and women; Asian men and women; men and women of other races; every age group except voters over 65; liberals, moderates and conservatives; Protestants, Catholics, adherents of other religions and those who claim no religious affiliation; married men and unmarried men and women; union and non-union households; self-identified Democrats; straight people; people who think undocumented immigrants should be given legal status; and people who think the country is going in the right direction. In that sense, the commentariat's intense focus on non-college whites already seems a bit odd.
That is one way of looking at things.

The other way is that Trump attracted people of all colors, of all races, of both sexes, of all political persuasions, and of all religions.

Indeed, why focus on white men who did not graduate from college?

Why focus on demographics at all?

I have a theory that is radical: people are not numbers. I have a belief that ideas matter more than criminality (selling State secrets) or vulgarity.

Trump offered ideas. Hillary offered her demography.

He said Make America Great Again by closing the borders and putting America first.

She said Make History Again by electing the first woman president.

Democrats keep saying the white race is dying out. Pander to other races and win.

Trump's message is we are all Americans. Make the country better.

He won this round.


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  1. If demographics is destiny, why don't the Democrats move to Mexico and enter the political system there? They could achieve their goals even quicker than if they move the Mexican populace north of the border. - Elric

  2. And Mexico already is a banana republic.

  3. And here's another great Trump idea...

  4. Papa, good meme. It is Pompeo (two Ps because he's twice as pissed off as me)

  5. I've been saying that it's time to elect the first white male president since Obama.
    And here we are. Fine choice, America!

  6. Trump and his supporters won on ideas and ideals, Clinton and her accomplices lost with idles and idylls.

  7. Who is Clinton? I've heard of Delbert McClinton.

  8. There are only two races: the human race and the Kentucky Derby. Democrats haven't figured that out yet.